MOJEH Book Club: Art Records Covers

Words by Annie Darling

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For the past few years, vinyl records have enjoyed an unexpected resurgence. Sales soared to a 25-year high last year, while Daft Punk sold over 19,000 vinyl units in the first week following the release of their album, Random Access Memories. 

In an increasingly digital world that lacks genuineness and charisma, an album’s artwork carries the element of charm and soul, and represents retro sounds that oh-so many of us associate with character and meaning.

Throughout the years, records have become defined by their artwork. People speak silently about themselves through their music collection, which many display openly throughout their homes. Music choices make our identities non-virtual, and an album cover can act as a screen shot of a specific moment from our lives. Subsequently, Taschen has chosen to celebrate the way art influences music, and visa versa, in their latest release, Art Records Covers.

Andy Warhol, The Velvet Underground and Nico Album, 1967 | Art Record Covers, Francesco Spampinato | Albert Oehlen, The Red Crayola Album, 1994 | Wolfgang Tillmans, Tiga Album, 2006 | Albert Oehlen, Gastr del Sol Album, 1992

Art Records Covers features 500 albums dating from the Fifties to today and includes Blur’s Think Tank album, which includes a black and white stencil by the graffiti artist Banksy, as well as the front cover of Sonic Youth’s record Dirty, which showcases a playful photograph taken by American artist Mike Kelley, and William Eggleston’s controversial artwork, which adorns rock group Big Star’s album Radio City.

Writer and art historian Francesco Spampinato’s unique compilation also features exceptional interviews with graphic designer Shepard Fairey, songwriter Kim Gordan and visual artist Tauba Auerbach, among others.