Interiors to Inspire an Eid Celebration

1 min read

As we fast approach the Eid weekend here’s a little design inspiration to whet your appetite prior to the celebrations.

By Christopher Prince

On the Beach

Ever considered hosting a dinner party on the beach? Whether privately owned or publically rented enjoy the Eid sunset as your family and friends celebrate the breaking of the fast. Though this isn’t exactly interior inspiration, the surroundings are reason enough to draw inspiration. Set up lanterns, add flowers, even hang a chandelier.

Under the Hallows

Tent or gazebo venues are particularly fashionable, especially in warmer climates. They provide shade as well as a hub for social activity. Set up a dedicated dance floor, hire a live band and join in the communal celebrations. Large spaces like these deserve multi-seated tables dressed in colour coordinated decorations.

In the Garden

Dining al fresco is the norm in Dubai, though during the hot summer months this activity becomes difficult due to high levels of humidity. If you own a spacious garden take the dinner party outside. Adorn your table with flowers picked from your beds, add table coolers for guest comfort, mismatch chairs for an offbeat look and light up your garden with thousands of twinkling garden bulbs.


For those intending on hosting a traditional Arabic themed Eid celebration party then draw upon family classics, like heritage textiles and floral arrangements. Soft furnishings add a homely feel to a party space, and they’re ideal to add some colour to a simple room. Bring out your mother’s original Arabic tea set, serve dates and nuts and enjoy throwback festivities.


Modern professionals and expats will more than likely celebrate Eid in a non-traditional way. Whether that will be visiting a swanky restaurant, a roof top bar or hosting a Westernised dinner party at home. The trick is all in the colour scheme. Most modern interiors rely on industrial materials such as steel and concrete, but there’s always room for some added party flare courtesy of mirrored surfaces and modern flower arrangements.