Haute Homes: Finally Get A Good Night’s Sleep With These Luxe Linens



May 2021


A good night’s sleep can set your mood for the whole day, so it’s important to get it right. Enter: sleep-aiding linens.

Eight hours’ sleep is often thought of as a myth, joined by work-life balance and a fast metabolism. However, luxury brand Aliyah’s specialises in rustic and relaxed bedding crafted from pure flax linen – one of the world’s oldest fabrics cultivated in Lithuania – that boasts rare anti-bacterial properties. In short, it’s a natural antiseptic, actually killing bacteria. These soft, temperature-regulating linens also come in a variety of utterly beautiful earthy colours, so it’s a win-win. Available at kinzzi.com


Photo: Instagram/Aliyahs_Clouds

Bella Notte, a California-based luxury bedding company, also uses flax linen to ensure the softest touch and comfiest sleep. Its breathable, cooling linen is ideal for warmer climates and softens with every use. The collections are ethically made, hand-dyed to order with low-impact dyes and contains the lowest amount of toxins possible in order to create couture bedding without hurting the planet. Plus, Bella Notte translates to ‘beautiful night’ in Italian, so we trust it. BellaNotteLinens.com

Featured image: Instagram/BellaNotteLinens

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