Eyes Wide Shut: Eight Remedies for Eight Hours Sleep

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We’re all guilty of obsessing over how much sleep we get. While seven or eight hours is dubbed the norm, we all have different capacities and coping levels when it comes to sleep deprivation.

Ultimately, it’s quality over quantity, so we’ve rounded up the top eight products and treatments to aid you off to dreamland for the optimal amount of uninterrupted hours.

Dream Dust, MOON JUICE

Dream Dust, Moon Juice
You can make Moon Juice’s Dream Dust part of your evening routine by mixing it into a cup of herbal tea.  The all-natural, medicinal-grade supplement is mixed with healing organic plants that are meant to restore nocturnal tranquility and stimulate melatonin release, thus aiding you into a deep sleep. The ingredients include Zizyphus – a natural sedative, as well as organic antioxidant Chamomile. Net-a-porter.com

Essential Oil Elixir Recovery + Sleep, ANATOMĒ

Anatomē Recovery & Sleep
A British apothecary brand, anatomē’s Essential Oil Elixir combines an impressive 22 botanical essences, including a unique blend of French, Cornish and Himalayan Lavender to promote rest and relaxation. Each product comes with a sleep guide identifying the sensory points to which you should apply the oil. Your quality of sleep should improve within a week. Anatome.co

Silk-satin eye mask, OLIVIA VON HALLE

Olivia Von Halle Eyemask
There’s nothing like the nuisance of light flickering beyond closed eyelids to impair relaxation. Go for complete black out with this pretty floral print silk-satin eye mask. It will do the trick. Net-a-porter.com

Sleep drops, THE NUE CO.

The Nue Co Sleep Drops
These drops are made from responsibly sourced natural ingredients, and infused with Valerian Root and Passion flower to make you feel a sense of calm. Chamomile crops up again here, too, for its stress and anxiety-busting abilities. The Nue Co’s Sleep Drops are made to be ingested, so just add a drop of this therapeutic blend to your bedtime tea to help induce a restful slumber. Thenueco.com

Calm.com App

Although in theory your bedroom should be a screen-free zone, meditation is a credible and effective way to wind down before bed. Calm is a free app (although you have to subscribe) which offers sleep stories (including some narrated by Matthew McConaughey), calming music and advice on gentle movements and guided meditation which help relax and calm the body. Calm.com

Organic cotton pyjamas, SKIN

Skin, Organic Sleepwear
Never underestimate the power clean, pressed sleepwear can have. For all round mental wellness, and a sense of comfort and calm we prefer 100% cotton. Virtuous sleep requires organic sleepwear – like this simple Skin pair. Matchesfashion.com

Marma Massage

The Marma Massage
The Marma massage uses the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda – a 5,000 year old science – which involves how herbs, emotions, climate and lifestyle impact the dynamics of our own physiology and psychology. This treatment is immediately effective in providing deep relaxation and eliminating stress related tension. Long, firm, flowing movements are combined with Marma point therapy and chakra balancing techniques to relieve muscles and align vital energy centres. Dubaihtc.com

Cocon de Sérénité pillow mist, L’OCCITANE

L’Occitane Pillow Mist
With top notes of Petitgrain, heart notes of orange and a base note of rose, this spray from L’Occitaine’s Aromachologie collection combines essential oils with natural scents for a soothing result. 100% natural, the Cocon de Sérénité Relaxing Pillow Mist can be sprayed either in your bedroom or on your pillow – or both – to create a mellow atmosphere. Sephora.com

  • Words by Elaine Lloyd-Jones