Haute Hangouts: Zenon, Address Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai

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A futuristic dining concept lands in the heart of Downtown Dubai, where state-of-the-art technology meets sensational haute cuisine

There is nothing Dubai loves more than introducing its residents to one-of-a-kind experiences. Case in point? Zenon, the city’s first AI-driven restaurant.

Zenon marries luxury with technology in a sprawling two-storey space. Walls are covered floor-to-ceiling with AI-powered artwork enhanced by movement-tracking Microsoft Kinect cameras, while other corners of the restaurant reveal mind-boggling holograms. What does it all mean? Simply put, enormous screens display interactive digital artworks, ensuring you are entertained no matter how boring your dining companion is. Zenon is divided into four sections: the main dining area, air-conditioned terrace, intimate bar and members’ club. The former is undeniably grand thanks to dizzyingly high ceilings and cascading light fixtures; the latter whispers quiet luxury via plush velvets and art deco-inspired touches; and intricate, hand-laid mosaic flooring flows throughout.

Juxtaposing the futuristic touches, Art Deco-inspired interiors are found throughout

Mediterranean-Asian fusion is the name of the culinary game at Zenon. The selection of starters is abundant with crowd-pleasers, from tuna tataki with spicy ponzu and marinated yellowtail with orange dressing to grilled octopus and oysters. You can’t go far wrong with mains, either. There is an impressive selection of both premium meats and fresh seafood, while the signature pasta dish — creamy, decadent rigatoni topped with caviar — streams steadily out of the kitchen. The finishing touch? All the crockery and cutlery is Hermès, sourced from around the world.

Zenon’s tablescapes are about as luxurious as they come

After dinner, make your way to the buzzing lounge or the members’ only area upstairs and sip on whimsical, delicately balanced concoctions. Resident DJs take to the decks every night — equipped with AI-powered headgear that transforms their brainwaves into digital artwork — and keep the party going until the early hours alongside live musical performances. Book now

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