To Infiniti And Beyond: This Thrilling Launch Marries Japanese Technology With Georgian Tradition

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MOJEH journeyed to Georgia with Infiniti Middle East for an experience like no other

When Infiniti calls about a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you say yes and buckle in. That’s what happened when MOJEH was invited to Georgia to celebrate the launch of Infiniti’s latest vehicle, the 2023 QX60. The experience, dubbed Ride and Drive, took us on a whirlwind adventure through the wilderness to experience the QX60’s state-of-the-art features first hand.

A packed itinerary saw participants engaging in immersive activities highlighting the key elements of the SUV. The first chapter? Me Time. The adventure kicked off with a stop at Amo Cafe, Sighnaghi, to soak in the stunning surrounds and explore picturesque villages. The journey allowed for MOJEH to experience driver-focused features including uphill drive; QX60 ProPilot Assist, which ensured those unfamiliar with the terrain remained firmly in their lane; plush, zero gravity-inspired seats; a panoramic sunroof for unobstructed views of auburn leaves overhead; and all-important massage functions.

After filling our photo albums, it was time for chapter two: Family Time. A meandering drive through the mountainous landscapes and lush woodlands of Kakheti led us to the Javakhishvili Estate. While tucking into traditional Georgian fare at a family-owned vineyard (complete with a front row seat to traditional Georgian bread-making), Infiniti explained the family-centric features of the QX60 including ample easy-access seating and a 17-speaker audio system for the designated DJ to provide roadtrip tunes.

The third and final chapter, Art and Design, was dedicated to the vehicle’s sleek silhouette. The modern design, juxtaposed against the wild backdrop of Chateau Buera, embodies Japanese minimalism and features elements inspired by traditional art, including Origami-esque patterns adorning the grill.

After a fun-filled day, we arrived at the Vazisubani Estate – a boutique hotel dating back to the 1800s – to turn in for the night. Not only breathtaking, the venue pays homage to Infiniti’s heritage as it was once frequented by innovators, writers and artists, and those dedicated to challenging the status quo. Learn more about the Infiniti QX60 here.

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