At Home With Pardus Consilio Founder Kitty Fox-McGregor Elguel

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At Home With Pardus Consilio Founder Kitty Fox-McGregor Elguel
Kitty wears vintage Givenchy blouse with Reiss jeans

A masterclass in how to dress your home to impress, when it comes to interiors, founder and creative director of Pardus Consilio, Kitty Fox-McGregor Elguel, is defined by freedom of expression, joyous colours and a desire to break the rules

When Kitty Fox-McGregor Elguel was struggling to find the dream quirky carpet for her home back in 2019, rather than resign herself to months of trawling malls and refreshing e-commerce sites for that one perfect piece, she did what most of us could only dream of – design her own. Inspired by the exquisite talent of the craftspeople in India, this homegrown project resulted in Kitty taking a leap of faith and following her passion for arts and design by launching Pardus Consilio, an online e-tailer selling bespoke carpets and cushions that channel her creative freedom and sense of liberty into one-of-a-kind pieces boasting intricate patterns, bold designs and hyper-bright hues.

At Home With Pardus Consilio Founder Kitty Fox-McGregor Elguel

Kitty’s distinctive eye and style for colour have also come in handy when decorating her one-of-a-kind home in Jumeirah 2, where she lives with her husband, six-year-old son, Hassan and their rescue cat, aptly named Cat. “The theme of our villa has evolved over time,” Kitty tells MOJEH. “I have always collected vintage pieces, and I adore midcentury furniture and the art deco era. I love to mix the contemporary with old, bold colours and plenty of gold, and while I’m not sure the aesthetic of our villa fits into one particular category, we love it, and that’s the most important thing.” Think bright pink lounge chairs, bold brass tables and, of course, plenty of daring carpets.

Kitty swears by a neutral background to ensure her statement hues pop. “I have a lot of colourful furniture, art and carpets, so I don’t paint colour on the walls – the base in all rooms is white,” she explains. “That way it gives these items space to breathe and lets them become the focal point in each room.” And, fortunately, in this home, there is no shortage of strong pieces. Alongside her book collection, artworks take pride of place – Kitty’s Slim Aarons’ ‘Poolside Party’ is a 1970s photograph taken in Palm Springs, which she admits is always a fun talking point over dinner. She also treasures a piece called ‘Asteroid Farming’ by Saudi Arabian artist Hadil Moufti. “It’s a stunning piece – an imaginary fantasy world with flying animals that has a very hypnotic look to it,” she explains. Elsewhere, a vibrant yellow Murano glass vase that was a 21st birthday gift from a friend is also one of her most treasured ornaments. “It has survived moving houses and countries many times, which is a miracle,” she adds. “It’s my lucky vase.”

Rather than big industry names and renowned designers, speaking to Kitty it becomes clear that the design heavyweights who have most influenced the look and feel of her home’s interiors are in fact her family and friends. “The items that hold most memories are the pieces I have been given by my parents, and some belonged to my grandparents,” she says. “I’m very sentimental and I love having my grandparents’ gold mirrors hanging in my bedroom.”

At Home With Pardus Consilio Founder Kitty Fox-McGregor Elguel

And while her husband might not get much of a say when it comes to the home’s interiors, other than the times she would drag him around Swiss markets in search of antiques and vintage finds, her son is always at the forefront of her mind. “I always consider my son when choosing new furniture,” she adds. “He helps me decide on colours and where we should hang things on walls. I think it’s great to involve kids.” As for her favourite room in her home? “It has to be the living room. We spend so much time in here with friends and family, whether watching movies or playing chess with my son. It’s a happy space to be in and there is always something interesting to look at.”

There’s no denying that Kitty’s passion, loyalty and commitment to detail are second to none, and if there is ever any doubt, just wait for Pardus Consilio’s upcoming carpet collections, which are due to be unveiled this year, and are the current focus of all her energies. “I have two new collections coming out soon, which I’m extremely excited about,” she says. “I’ll always have the Tibetan tigers, but these new collections are something a little different.” Watch this space. Shop Pardus Consilio

The Style

At Home With Pardus Consilio Founder Kitty Fox-McGregor Elguel

Kitty wears Zara blazer and trousers

My personal style is… Eclectic, simple and also timeless. There are pieces in my wardrobe I’ve had for years that still work, such as a vintage Gucci blazer my mother gave me – it must be 30 years old! I also like to be comfortable, especially in the Dubai heat, so silk and natural fabrics are my first choice.

My wardrobe essentials are… I live in white jeans, and I always have a headband on.

My favourite place to shop is… Club Oyo, which is a very cool concept store in Mall of the Emirates, plus Bloomingdale’s, Zara, Kave in Alserkal Avenue and Reham Shaheen Art, which is great for gifts.

My favourite brands are… I love Dubai-based Saudi Arabian label Daneh Design for its versatile, edgy pieces – they are easy to wear and suit everyone. Also Essa Walla, who knows how to dress women of all shapes and sizes.

The last item I bought was… A baby pink dress from Zara, and a 1980s Kartell Chair by Carlo Bartoli.

My most treasured shoes are… A pair of pink and gold Celine heels. My mother bought them for me when I was very young and they only come out on special occasions.

Photography by Vikram Gawde

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