How To Infuse Your Home with the Latest Metallic Decor Trends

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Photos: Unsplash

Metallics are making a splash not just on the fashion runways but in home décor too, bringing a touch of glamour to spaces. Gold, silver, copper, and brass are particularly in vogue, infusing rooms with a sparkle that enhances light and creates an illusion of more space. Wondering how to weave this trend into your home?

1) Start small

It’s not that different from choosing jewellery for an outfit. Mixing metals, like gold with silver, can add depth and intrigue to your décor. Incorporate metallic elements into table settings or bookshelf displays for a subtle yet impactful touch.

2) Emphasize the beauty of contrast

Combine the shine of metals with soft textures like velvet or wool to strike a perfect balance between sheen and comfort, is what Natalie Kraiem suggested at Elle Decor. If you’re up for it, get crafty! Why not spray paint everyday objects like rocks or books in metallic hues for an unexpected twist?

3) Furniture accents

Consider giving furniture a metallic makeover too. A table with a hint of metallic can become a stunning focal point. When it comes to color schemes, metallics shine against a canvas of neutrals. Navy or black enhances brass, while greys and blues complement cooler metals.

4) Mix Metals

Embrace the mixology of metals for a look that’s both modern and chic. Kraiem advocates for this bold approach, suggesting that the interplay of different metallic tones can elevate a room’s aesthetic. So, take a leap into the metallic trend and let your home dazzle with its eclectic charm.