The Waterless Beauty Products That Can Help The Environment (And Your Skin)

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Want to make your beauty routine a little more sustainable? These are the waterless beauty products to consider 

One of the most common ingredients found in beauty products, water is often used as an inexpensive product filler which serves to add volume and improve consistency in some of our favourite cleansers, serums and cosmetics. But with very little benefit to the skin, and a huge impact on the environment (with water consumption at an all time high), water-filled beauty products are being replaced with more sustainable and more effective alternatives that benefit both our skin and the planet.

Simple and efficacious, anhydrous products can take many forms, such as cleansing balms, moisturising oils, body butters, pressed serums, and dry masks. Many active ingredients, like Vitamin C, deteriorate over time when mixed with water, so maintaining them in powder form preserves their purity ensuring you get a fresh hit of the ingredients each time you activate them with water at home. While opting for nourishing oils, rather than a filler, is beneficial to the epidermis and also adds the slip necessary to help them apply seamlessly; ensuring blendable, highly-pigmented formulas packed with natural goodness. Scroll through the gallery above for MOJEH’s pick of waterless beauty products.

waterless beauty products

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