Hit Your Summer Fitness Goal With This Celebrity-Loved Equipment

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Looking for the perfect piece of equipment for your at-home gym? The latest launch from Technogym will up the ante on your year-round workout schedule

Are you currently in training for next year’s Dubai Marathon? Or maybe the harsh summer heat has forced your workout indoors for now? Well fret not, as the new Technogym Run treadmill promises to make you fitter, healthier, faster and stronger, all in the comfort of your very own home.


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A high-intensity training machine that’s made for more than just running, this high-tech piece of equipment is designed to improve all the physiological elements that the body needs to boost running performance, offering both a cardio and strength workout all at the same time. Not only does it boast an innovative slat-belt surface that absorbs the shock of each stride to lessen stress on the joints, but its raised surfaces also help you maintain a correct running position. Then there’s the noise-absorbing technology which makes the treadmill apartment-friendly too, while sensors monitor all your metrics including distance covered and calories burned.

If that wasn’t enough, the machine is also designed to help build muscle thanks to the employment of a ‘push’ mode allowing runners to adjust resistance to replicate pulling a sled with a load of up to 55kg, while you can also enjoy immersive guided Bootcamp and HIIT routines on the 27-inch LED HD touchscreen display. We feel we might have a new PB incoming. Shop now

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