Seasonal Skin Saviours

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Whether you’re skiing the Alpine Slopes at Le Chabichou in France or city hoping from one European spot to another, the weather change will inevitably affect your skin. Here we break down the beauty saviours to cover each element in your skincare routine. 

Fall's Fresh Force, MOJEH No. 40 | Photographed by Anthony Arquier Styled by Gemma Bedini

Fall’s Fresh Force, MOJEH No. 40 | Photographed by Anthony Arquier Styled by Gemma Bedini

Youth To The People: Moisturiser

This beauty brand is fast becoming a celebrity must-have having just launched its ultimate product – a moisturiser crafted by all our favourite superfoods. Yes, the LA -based company has utilised the properties of kale, spinach and green tea to create this mighty moisturiser that restores, rejuvenates and conditions while protecting against free radicals and environmental stresses. The goal: To keep your skin healthy, beautiful and glowing throughout the winter months. 

Lancome: Absolute Eye Premium BX

It is important to remember that while moisturisers and serums will protect your skin from the harshest of winter climes, the extra sensitive skin around your eyes requires a different type of formula all together. Enter Lancome, with its specially formulated replenishing and rejuvenating eye cream that helps restore essential moisture to the skin’s surface. It replenishes the eye contour to improve firmness and increase luminosity to combat dullness induced by dehydrating frosty winds. 

Guerlain: Cleansing Cream

Guerlain’s Crème De Beaute cream is the perfect answer to evenings at home after a long day of outdoor exposure. The rich formula seeps into the skin in a delicate scent blending the purity of white tea, the comforting freshness of musky notes, and a touch of jasmine while removing deeply embedded impurities to leave skin smooth and pure for a new day. 

NaturalBisse: The Cure Pure Serum

Perhaps the ultimate skincare product for winter is the ultimate serum by NaturalBisse; a reparative, restorative, anti-ageing and hydrating formula specifically designed to help skin achieve ultimate perfection. Its ingredients include the revolutionary, exclusive SIRT-AP peptide complex, extracted from oryza sativa rice and soy, which fights wrinkles and repairs skin. As well as watercress, which protects from radicals, in addition to 14 other hydrating components that are each scientifically proven to visibly enhance the skin’s appearance. It is best applied after cleansing during the day and by night. 

Caudalie: Overnight Recovery Oil

Like the name states, Caudalie’s miracle recovery oil is your answer to late night winter dances and soirees. Utilising a unique blend of six active ingredients and 100% natural plant oils including grapeseed, jojoba and rose, this transformative oil deeply nourishes and soothes sensitive skin prone to redness or irritation, and repairs the skin’s barrier overnight.