This Surprising Ingredient Is The Key To A Radiant Complexion (And It Is Approved By Kate Middleton)

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While oxygen has long been lauded as a saviour for lacklustre skin, exciting new innovations and a strong celebrity backing have catapulted it directly into the spotlight for the dry winter season ahead

Pollution, blue light, eating way too many sugary foods — our skin’s poor collagen reserves have many different battles to fight on a daily basis. Not forgetting the natural process of ageing which, as hard as we try to embrace it, takes most of us a while to get used to. No matter how many expensive creams and treatments you throw at the matter, however, there’s one important element you’re likely forgetting to include in your regular beauty routine. Even though, funnily enough, it’s actually all around us.

“Oxygen is nothing short of a super ingredient for skin,” Lucy Goff, founder of skincare brand LYMA tells MOJEH. “When pure activated oxygen is delivered into skin cells, they can regenerate, metabolise efficiently and, best of all, make more collagen and elastin. What we see from that is skin that is bouncier, juicier and glowing with health.”

As we age, our skin starts to lose its oxygen capacity — by the age of 40 we could have lost as much as up to 60 per cent — so finding effective ways to return it to the skin is a must, especially if you’re looking for a youthful fix. A good supply of top-quality oxygen can make a huge difference to the ageing process, and getting those vital levels back up means new cells are more readily produced, skin is brighter, tone is unified and fine lines and wrinkles are plumped out. Rumour even has it that oxygen is the secret behind Kate Middleton’s enviable glow — it’s believed she uses Swiss oxygen skincare line Karin Herzog, in particular the Vita A Kombi Anti Ageing Face Cream, which uses one per cent active oxygen to kick-start the body’s repair mechanisms and restore that dewy complexion.


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“When we replenish the levels of oxygen in our skin, the benefits and results are visible instantly, from smoothing out wrinkles, detoxifying and plumping the skin to reducing the appearance of acne and pigmentation scars,” adds Mona Mirza, CEO and founder of Biolite Aesthetic Clinic. “Skin appears radiant, vitalised and lifted.” There are currently two main ways to deliver oxygen to the skin — dedicated facials and topical skincare. Using a jet to spray a highly concentrated stream of oxygen molecules on to the skin’s epidermis, the former works at a cellular level, with the oxygen attaching to collagen and elastin molecules to nurture and nourish the skin. “Simultaneously the oxygen works to increase division and renewal of the cells, promoting collagen growth,” adds Mirza. That said, gas forms of oxygen can’t infuse into the skin, so traditional oxygen facials have often been considered more style than substance. That’s why Mirza has introduced the OXYJET Leo Facial to her clinic. Seven focused applicators painlessly deliver special biologically active preparations into the deeper layers of the skin in an infusion made under pure oxygen pressure, allowing ingredients to penetrate deeper. “Scientific testing has confirmed that using the OXYJET Leo technology for the treatment is 60 times more effective than a simple surface application or oxygen facial in delivering oxygen to the skin,” she explains.

You might be thinking to yourself: ‘we’re surrounded by oxygen, so why do I have to buy it?’ But, as to be expected, it’s much more scientific than that. “Oxygen might be all around us, but getting it below the skin’s surface is a whole different issue,” explains Mirza.“That’s why we worked so hard to engineer our latest products.” She’s talking about the LYMA Oxygen Mist and Glide skincare products which, designed to work alongside the brand’s laser, are made from what is known as supercharged oxygen. Fully active, stabilised and in a unique format that skin can take on in an extremely effective way, it’s unrivalled in its purity and absorbability, quite literally flooding the skin with both oxygen and potent nutrients. “Until now the skincare industry hasn’t developed an oxygen protocol that can really benefit the skin,” she adds.“Oxygen facials feel amazing and look very dramatic, but more often than not, the steam you see is just oxygen leaking into the air. We needed to be 100 per cent certain that oxygen was reaching those newly forming skin cells and going to make a discernible difference.” From Malin+Goetz to Element Eight, there are plenty of luxury brands with products that stimulate turnover, increase collagen production and reduce inflammation, so you’d be wise to start implementing them into your skincare arsenal sooner rather than later. We’re convinced of the evidence that oxygen isn’t just the elixir of life, but of beauty too.

The Products

Suck the life back into your skin with these oxygen-infused products that are the best in the business

The Treatments

These game-changing oxygen facials are utilising exciting new technology to deliver dramatic results.

OXYJET Facial Rejuvenation

Exclusive to Biolite, this 60-minute procedure begins with a deep cleanse using oxygen and an Oxyclear tool, while bio-blue light calms the skin and promotes the antibacterial properties of the oxygen. As the oxygen is jetted into the skin, cosmetic formulations of vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients and botanical extracts customised for each client’s individual skin requirements are also applied, leaving a smooth complexion and dewy glow with zero downtime. Book Now

Natura Bissé 02 Relax Facial

Designed to reboot dull skin, the unique protocol of Natura Bissé’s O2 Relax Facial releases pure oxygen molecules into the skin, eliminating toxins and restoring its youthful tone and vitality. Perfect for any skin type, and especially beneficial for anyone with dull or dehydrated skin, book in for this hour-long facial before a big red-carpet event. Book Now

Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial

Loved by celebrities and skincare experts alike for its ability to plump and hydrate skin while softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, unlike traditional oxygen facials which simply spray oxygen on to the skin, this renowned treatment uses therapeutic oxygen under hyperbaric pressure to infuse a special serum of modified hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins, botanicals and antioxidants into the skin, drastically rehydrating cells in less than an hour. Book Now

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