New Year Beauty Resolutions We Can All Keep 

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New year beauty resolutions


While the thought of personal trainers, dieting, Vejanuary and dry January can seem a little daunting or drastic, there are some small and simple changes everyone can make to their new year beauty routine that are super easy to stick to – and which have guaranteed results. Sometimes, a little more insight can go a long way towards making positive change.

Here are five beauty resolutions to inspire your refreshed beauty routine.

It’s that part of our daily beauty regime that is so well preached yet so poorly practiced. We all know it’s a necessity, but it’s often the last thing we think of in our beauty routine. Wearing SPF doesn’t mean greasy sun cream on your skin. Banish those thoughts immediately. There are a slew of new improved formulas on hand that will feel almost invisible – like an SPF that acts like a primer or a lightweight moisturiser.

new year beauty resolutions

Chantecaille offer an Ultra Sun Protection SPF45 Primer which shields from UVA and UVB and can be worn alone, over moisturiser or under foundation.

New year beauty resolutions

We also love Shisedo Urban Environment Protection Cream also Plus SP50, it’s incredibly lightweight and absorbs almost instantly.

We’re all guilty of neglect where brushes are concerned, but the oil and bacteria that can build on make-up brushes can encourage breakouts and cause irritation. Make a promise to yourself and your skin to clean them often. These brushes serve as the backbone of your beauty routine, and cleaning them should become a part of it. Brushes used on creamy products like foundations and concealers should be cleaned weekly, and those used on powders and dry products can get away with a bit longer – up to a month. But anything used on the eyes, should be cleaned – even if lightly – in-between uses.

Mac new year beauty We swear by MAC Brush Cleanser, 235ml. It cleans, disinfects and conditions all in one.

If you haven’t already, this should be a must for 2020. This convenience isn’t kind on the environment or your skin. All they actually do is move oil and bacteria around your face. And if you send time applying your make up precisely, you should spend time removing it properly, too. If you’re addicted to the effortless appeal of wipes – try Micellar water and cleansing pads for a simple equivalent.

Micellar water has the ability to remove make-up, cleanse and tone with a few light swipes. It’s a combination of purified water and hydrating ingredients such as glycerin, and a low concentration of mild surfactants. Double cleansing will also give your skin a boost. Start by cleansing with an oil, balm or Micellar water, then follow up with a deeper water-based cleanse. This gets deeper into the pores to remove impurities.

La Mer Beauty Try La Mer The Cleansing Micellar Water, 200ml – it’s formulated with the brand’s iconic Miracle Broth for extra hydration.

We do it for our skin and bodies, so why not hair?! Hydration is a key attribute to the health of every part of your body, hair included, so give your tresses a much-needed moisture boost. These relatively new high-impact serums proactively fight off damage before it begins. They take seconds to apply, and they’re so heavily concentrated they create an immediate moisture barrier. Some use ingredients like the much-hyped Hyaluronic Acid, as well as Moringa Seed which have anti oxidant properties, and nourishing Lychee. Obviously it helps to give hair a break from heat appliances, too.

Oribe hair Oribe Power Drops Hydration & Anti-Pollution Booster, 30ml – a supercharger for dry hair.

Break your habits one drop or spritz of essential oil at a time. Instead of reaching for a mid morning – or mid afternoon – sugar fix, turn to an emotion balancing oil instead. These little potions are mood-changing, and these days physical and emotional well being are so intertwined. Banish refined sugar and opt for a splash of a revitalising essence instead. Add to sensory points like your temples, elbows, knees and feet. Frankincense combats stress, Chamomile aids sleep, and Sweet Orange is a spirit-lifter.

Anatome beauty We’re into Anatomē’s Essential Oil Elixr, Expression & Confidence, 10ml at Net-A-Porter.

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  • Words by Elaine Lloyd-Jones