These New Health Retreats Will Replenish Your Body And Soul

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Winter is generally a season where we overindulge, but instead of a guilt-inducing holiday, what if you started the new year feeling completely renewed? That’s where a health retreat comes in.

Whether you take a day or three, taking some time to focus on yourself is a must during these stressful times, and as it happens, there are two new luxury retreats that have only just launched that provide the perfect opportunity for a little R&R.

From PT and personalised diets to tailormade treatments and nutritional consultations, all with the guided help of highly-trained experts, there are options for everyone.

Reenergise & Reset Wellbeing Programme at Mandarin Oriental Jumiera, Dubai

If you’re looking for something close to home, check out Mandarin Oriental Jumiera, Dubai. It has teamed up with renowned clinical wellness brand Subtle Energies to launch a new wellbeing programme in the hotel’s sumptuous Spa.

Relax in the Mandarin Oriental’s vitality pool

Designed to restore physical, mental and emotional balance, Reenergise & Reset offers everything from full-day retreats to a comprehensive three-day programme guided by its team of highly-trained therapists and wellness specialists.

Focusing on detoxification, reducing fatigue and supporting a healthier immune response, guests on the Reenergise programme can expect personal training, deep relief massages, yoga classes and plant-based menus. Reset, on the other hand, is designed to help relieve tension and alleviate anxiety with guided meditation, massages, sleep support training and mobility exercises.

The Spa, Mandarin Oriental Jumeira

If you’re opting for the three-day retreat, we recommend booking the Staycation by M.O. room package (prices start at Dhs1,700 per night) so you can enjoy the full immersive experience.

INFO: Prices range from Dhs1,750 for one day to Dhs3,500 for a three-day retreat. To book, email MODUB-SPA@MOHG.COM or call +971 4 777 2222

Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland

Thinking about your first post-pandemic flight? Well Clinique La Prairie, nestled between the snow-capped peaks of Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva, has introduced two new programmes designed to replenish your body and boost immunity.

Clinique La Prairie has five-star facilities

First up is the Immunity Boost Program which, as you guessed it, helps enhance and improve your immune system. This five-day, four-night retreat includes a targeted health check-up as well as advanced blood analyses, immunotherapy treatment and fortifying IV drips, wellbeing technologies focusing on boosting the immune system: infratherapy, cryotherapy, new massage ritual using Swiss plants exclusively created for the clinic, and a private Master Class about antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

The second new programme, Energising Wellness, is also five days and four nights, and is aimed at guests looking to relax, recharge and feel younger, offering exclusive treatments in the world-renowned spa as well as IV drip and vitamin complexes to help sustain wellbeing. Supervised by trusted medical specialists, the blends will contain a carefully selected combination of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to target individual needs, while promoting anti-aging and whole-body health.

Tuck into plant-based meals at Clinique La Prairie

Toxin cleansing infratherapy, a signature energy-boosting massage and immersive 90-minute hydro-contrast sensory experience using the benefits of “hot and cold” therapies are also included in the package.

What’s more, and a first in Clinique La Prairie’s experiences, Chef Sara Bussetti will be teaching a unique gourmet cooking class, in a personal session during which the guest will learn the secret of the clinic’s healthy recipes in the most exclusive way.

There’ll be time to hit the sauna, experience Clinique La Prairie’s divine infinity pool and enjoy some outdoor activities around Montreux in between treatments too – completely divine.

INFO: Prices start from Dhs27,400 for one person people for the Immunity Boost Program and Dhs35,370 for one person for the Energising Wellness Program;

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  • Words by Naomi Chadderton