New Faces of Fitness

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Where: NRG

What for: Boutique workouts at their very best

Who for: Those who thrive in an intimate environment with well edited training schedules

Brief: Any fear or anxiety related to working out quickly disintegrates once you step in to the NRG studios. It’s compact, zen (until the music from a sprint or HITT session begins) and the small team of owners and trainers know each of their clients on a first name basis. Depending on the week, NRQ only runs around 10 different types of classes (around eight to 10 a day) which offers enough to keep your routine fun and your body constantly in flux, but not so much that you end up trying everything and mastering nothing – which is often the case with Dubai-based studios.

How it works: Download the app; sign up to your chosen class/es; buy either one session or benefit from a package; arrive five minutes before; pick your training spot; sweat it out. Minimum paperwork, maximum results (providing you’re willing to work).

MOJEH recommends: HITT and KO8

Where: Marina Walk, Dubai | +971 4 431 8517 |

Where: Embody

What for: Major health and fitness overhauls

Who for: Those who are serious about changing their lifestyle for the better, and for the long term

Brief: High-tech with a human touch. Location, brand image (an award-winning concept originally from London) and design – art works and rolex clocks decorate the sleek interiors – allude towards an elite and intimidating environment, but that’s not the case. Trainers are well-built Olympic athletes (fact) with the charm of teddy bears. From the on-set everyone is friendly and warm but most importantly they’re well-qualified trainers from across the globe who monitor your every move to ensure 10 well-formed, engaging squats at Embody are probably worth about 50 elsewhere. PT’s are encouraging but won’t let you slack off, and motivating without becoming pompous. Emphasis is on perfecting the right moves (who knew a plank could be shattering your lower back instead of building abs) and attention is constantly paid to strengthening and conditioning through flexible routines that also happen to be fun. Embody is results driven, luxurious and a welcomed breath of expert air to the Dubai fitness scene.

How it works: No one gets through without an assessment, which includes both nutrition and fitness. It kick starts with a 14 day no carb diet (bland but extremely beneficial) and three personal training sessions a week based on short, sharp circuits.

MOJEH recommends: The 12-week transformation to kick start a change and then constant and continual training thereafter depending on your goals.

Where: Lamborghini Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai | +971 52 723 9333 |

Where: Rye Pilates 

What for: A bespoke approach to reformer training

Who for: Anyone who wants to correct posture, overcome certain injuries and condition muscles

Brief: Brief: Dr. Daamini Shrivastav combines her medical training and scientific knowledge with her personal experiences to guide a complete reimagining of Pilates training. Solo sessions work on strengthening certain muscle groups in order to protect the skeleton and organs and implements a theory based around Fascia – aka the cobweb of your body – to ensure you get the most absolute of stretches. Dr. Daamini’s approach is both unique and eye opening, but be prepared to question many of the health and fitness ideologies you’ve grown up with. This is a must visit for anyone that views internal health and fitness as the highest of accolades – which, let’s face it, should be all of us. 

MOJEH recommends: Investing in two sessions a week for a reformer overhaul.   

Where: Burj Plaza, Downtown Dubai | +971 56 702 5656 |