My Beautiful Life

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We go behind the scenes on MOJEH issue 27 to find out the beauty secrets of Maison des Fleurs founder Priya Jelly.

Top tips for keeping your strands long and strong?

I do hair treatments due to the water stress and pollution we have here – it was really thick when I moved to Dubai. At least once or twice a week I do a treatment. I have Kérastase, L’Oréal Discipline – the new treatment, which is amazing. I also have a macadamia mask at home which I try and use at the weekends, it needs to be done.

Favourite salon in Dubai?

I’ve had the same stylist for 7 or 8 years, he is at Joelle in Kempinski. He is the best stylist and makes sure my hair isn’t damaged from the amount of colour I use. I get my hair colours ombré every 3-6 months which damages your hair but he makes sure we do a treatment to prevent it.

What’s your go-to style if you have 2 minutes to get ready?

Tom Ford make-up is amazing. Everyday I’m make-up free because no matter what creams you use, your skin is going to be damaged sooner or later from the chemicals. But Tom Ford eyebrow pencil and lip-gloss is the best.

Do you get facials?

Monthly, I try to go to SensAsia for Eve Lom. That is one of my favourite facials. I don’t like things with machines or needles so I try and avoid them. I prefer natural facials, one is Eve Lom and the other is Dermalogica. Normally I give myself a face massage as it tones your skin and stops it aging. I also don’t tan – I try and avoid the sun.

Best skincare advice you’ve ever received?

I read a lot of magazines and watch YouTube videos. Asians take care of their skin and pay extra attention to it. It comes down to basics: drink lots of water for hydration. I also use a good natural mask. My favourite is from La Mer. I pick up something from a pharmacy in France. SKII is also very good as well, their eye mask is the best.

Any natural remedies?

My mum used to give us carrot juice as it’s very good for your skin and eyes. It adds a shine to your skin. Also, if you boil milk it gets this film on top. You wash your face and then apply it to your skin, it is the best remedy. You just wash it off after 15 minutes and you have a natural shine. Afterwards you just need moisturiser and it feels like you’ve had a facial. I used to do it at least every fortnight. My mum taught me that.

Do you have a go-to nail colour?

I normally do nude, but at the moment I’m wearing red.

Round or square?

Square as this is their natural shape.

How do you stay in shape?

It’s my genes but I try to not over eat. I have a lot of vegetables. With the Dubai lifestyle and a lot of good restaurants, it’s very difficult, especially when we lead such a social lifestyle. I try to avoid sugar – for the past couple of years I have been addicted to sweets and I’m trying to cut them out.

Any healthy places to eat out?

Until today, I haven’t found a place where they serve a nice salad. Everywhere I go I try to have the chicken or smoked salmon salad.

How do you stay Zen?

Just being happy, not worrying too much and taking every day as it comes.