How To Welcome In 2019 As A Platinum Blonde Like Khloe Kardashian

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Life on the lighter side

If there was ever a time to make a fresh star with a bright new hair colour it would be the new year, and it appears Khloe Kardashian got the memo as earlier this month the Keeping up with Kardashians star dyed her usual golden blonde locks with shadowed roots platinum blonde.

Redken celebrity colourist, Tracey Cunningham, was responsible for Kardashian’s transformation, which she called a “last-minute hair idea” on Instagram. According to Cunningham, despite her famous client’s hair being bleached already, the process still took four hours to complete and involved an extensive process of layering various highlights on different sections of Khloe’s hair, from roots to ends, in order to achieve the icy shade.

First Cunningham highlighted all the brown in Kardashian’s hair to lift her existing colour using Redken Flashlift and Olaplex. Then she added more highlights to the blonde section, leaving a tiny bit of Khloé’s dark roots on show. She finished with a gloss, painting from the roots and pouring it over the hair.

Olaplex’s No 3 Hair Perfector is ideal for hair that’s become dry or brittle as a result of bleaching, perming or heat styling,

While platinum blonde locks are totally on trend for winter, the colour does come with its fair share of work. So if you’re thinking about taking the plunge, here’s a few things you should consider first.

Be prepared to spend time and money
Depending on how dark your hair is, it could take multiple appointments to get your tresses to the desired colour, and each appointment can take up to several hours or even half a day. Then, depending on if you want your roots showing (and they will be obvious when they do) or not, you may have to head back to the salon every 4-6 weeks for touch-ups.

Damage to your hair is inevitable
Bleaching your hair is damaging no matter how skilled your hairdresser is. So be prepared to potentially have some of your strands chopped off, as a shorter length can protect your hair in the long term. Shorter strands will also make dealing with the inevitable knots and tangles associated with bleached locks that much easier to manage.

Your hair care regimen will change
Depending on whether you have naturally dry or oily hair, most platinum blonde locks should only be washed once or twice a week to help stop the colour from fading. You should also avoid using products that contain drying ingredients and sulfates at all costs. Your colourist will most likely recommend you switch to a toning (purple) shampoo and/or conditioner, but be careful about how long you leave the product on as hair that’s been bleached can absorb and hold on to pigment.

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  • Words by Gracie Stewart