Five Exercise Myths That Are Sabotaging Your Workout

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Have you been working out consistently but are yet to see results? You could be guilty of adopting a practice that is hindering your performance. Here, Nora Hameidani, Founder of Barre Effect, busts five common exercise myths.

Myth #1: Heavy Weights Bulk You Up

Many women are afraid to use challenging weights because they think it will bulk them up, when it’s the opposite. Using a weight that is challenging you will force you to burn more calories and fat. I always say, “If you don’t feel anything happening, then nothing is happening!” Using weights that create a muscle burn will help you build lean muscle, which will help you to raise your metabolism and burn more calories. Of course, you want to be using weights that are appropriate for your level and allow you to perform exercises properly to avoid injury.

Myth #2: Some People Are Just Born Flexible

Some people are born with more length in their muscles and joints, but that doesn’t mean that flexibility cannot be improved in those that are not as fortunate. If you are dedicated, stretch smartly and regularly, you can definitely improve your flexibility. It’s important to only stretch to the point that is safe; you will feel a bit of discomfort, but it should never be a sharp shooting pain.

Myth #3: No Pain, No Gain

It’s true that you will feel a bit of discomfort when working out properly and efficiently, however it should not be to the level of pain. It is important to differentiate between a good, working discomfort and bad, painful feeling. You should feel your muscles working, but you should still be able to breath properly and be in control. If the feeling is a sharp shooting pain, or you are feeling dizzy or breathless then it is best to stop. Take a moment to regroup, catch your breath, then jump back in.

Myth #4: Machines Are More Effective Than Free Weights

Machines are great for isolating specific muscle groups, but when you use free weights, you are forced to activate more muscles to stabilise your body position. When you must support your own body weight, you use your core and other muscles to properly do the exercise. As always, you need body awareness to have proper form and make sure you are performing the exercise safely. Free weights are obviously more convenient to have at home or travel with as well!

Myth #5: Sweating Means You’re Out Of Shape

One of the most common exercise myths is that if you are sweating a lot you are out of shape or have more body fat, but that is not the case! How much a person sweats depends on many factors, and for some the fitter you are the sooner you begin to sweat. Also, the more efficiently you are exercising the sooner it starts to work and you would then start sweating more. It’s great to sweat a lot and detox, as long as you are properly hydrated and fuelled. Book your session at Barre Effect on

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  • Words by Nora Hameidani