Gaia Trussardi’s Year

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Gaia Trussardi is a woman of many talents: businesswoman, creative director and face of fragrances My Name and My Scent, she is the key to Trussardi’s modern reinvention. We talk to the Italian style icon about the best of 2015 and what’s next for her growing empire.

Interview by Natalie Trevis

You’ve been creative director for over two years now, how did you continue to evolve your role during 2015?

My goal, from a design perspective, is not to create trends or ‘fashionable’ garments, but to focus on our brand’s DNA and a certain identity to which our customer can relate. I work on finding the right balance and studying fabrics, colours and shapes. Everything must communicate perfectly through a single common theme, which is Nature for the women’s s/s16 collection.

Your s/s16 collection was also inspired by adventurer Robyn Davidson, how did that come about?

I was inspired by images from Tracks, the film based on Robyn Davidson’s autobiography, which tells the story of her journey as a young woman crossing the Australian desert with just a dog and three camels. I wanted to tell the story of this woman in touch with nature. I interpret her extreme experience as a need to feel and to draw a real sense of life from nature and this is expressed through the materials, textures, and the colour palette of the collection.

What was your own travel highlight of 2015?

I was particularly fascinated by Dubai, where I went for the first time on business last November. I was especially struck by the women of this city – compared to what I had imagined – and their emancipation: their stylish looks and their strength and awareness.

Gaia Trussardi photographed by Filippo Avandero

Gaia Trussardi photographed by Filippo Avandero

You have an extremely busy schedule running multiple lines at Trussardi, how do you stay calm and centered? 

My ‘secret’ is finding time for myself every day, such as a morning jog, going for a bike ride to get some fresh air, and playing music with my children after work. This lets me create a good balance between my professional and private lives.

Do you take time out to reflect on the year gone by?

The past is where you come from and represents the historical memory of a brand. So it is very important to make future steps that are always a natural evolution from the past. I’ll focus on reinforcing Trussardi’s image and signature style for both the main line and Trussardi Jeans, which is doing quite well. We recently expanded the denim collection, adding a complete range of bags and footwear.

What was the driving inspiration behind the fragrances in 2015 and will that continue into 2016?

Each fragrance must contain and transmit the characteristics and values of the brand and, therefore, also its country of origin. Our fragrances and their projects – that includes everything from the bottle design to the ad campaign – must evoke tradition, elegance, Italian essence, a connection with one’s roots, and savoir-faire. The people who choose our perfume do not simply choose a fragrance they like, but a certain identity and lifestyle with which they completely identify, which also happens when they buy a garment.

Gaia Trussardi in the My Scent campaign

How do you inject your personal touch into the fragrances?

I decided to be the face of the women’s fragrances My Name and My Scent because I completely identify with the woman who chooses our perfumes: she’s sensuous and feminine but also very determined. She’s a dreamer, but she never loses sight of her objectives. These characteristics are reflected in a combination of different notes: a blend of enchanting Lilac and seductive Arum Flower.

What kind of things do you keep in mind when thinking about launching fragrances in the Middle East particularly?

The women in the Middle East who choose our fragrances recognise our values. They are successful and determined to reach their objectives, yet they never lose sight of what it means to be a woman. They also take good care of themselves. I think in some ways women in the Middle East are similar to Italian women: they love to look good and well groomed, they’re determined and emancipated, and they love their family.

What does 2016 hold for you personally?

I’d love to find more time to travel, also with my children, to visit and explore other cultures. Travel is extremely important for me from a personal standpoint, because it makes you more open-minded and is an enriching experience, and also from a professional perspective, because it is an endless source of new stimuli. Fashion is primarily an expression of our culture and society and I love to see and explore different worlds and subcultures.