First Look: Barry’s Bootcamp

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Eye of The Tiger photographed by Riccardo Vimercati, MOJEH Issue 18

Eye of The Tiger photographed by Riccardo Vimercati, MOJEH Issue 18

Barry’s Bootcamp has established a cult-like following across the globe.  Professional athletes, editors, models, and celebrities alike credit the signature classes with their enviable physiques and now the highly anticipated HIT class has made its way to Dubai opening its doors in DIFC. Here, we share the need-to-knows. 

What is it?

Founded in Los Angeles in 1998, Barry’s signature method utilises a highly effective combination of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that involves 20-25 minutes of interval-based cardiovascular routines on treadmills combined with 20-25 minutes of strength training using free weights, and resistance bands.

What are the benefits?

The workout is results driven so you’ll soon notice the effects not only on your physique but also your energy levels and focus throughout the day. A one-hour class targets fat and burns up to 1,000 calories. Class times are also convenient for Downtown Dubai workers and residents with a 7am option to kick-start the day and evening classes running up until 8pm.

How about the atmosphere?

Classes are held in dimly lit, red studios to an energising beat. The idea behind the darker room is to enable participants to dig deeper and lose themselves in the routine without feeling self-conscious. Instructors from the US and UK are on hand to motivate, inspire, and support.

Where are the other Barry’s Bootcamps?

Barry’s boasts over thirty locations worldwide, including studios in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, America, London, England, and Oslo, Norway, with the latest edition opening its doors in DIFC, Dubai.

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