At-Home Yoga: Three Virtual Classes for Morning, Noon and Night

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With lockdown taking it’s toll on our physical and mental health, it’s important to find ways to relax and recharge. Whether you’re missing your regular gym routine, you’re tense from working at a makeshift desk or you need to wind down for the day, Nadia Narain’s masterclasses for Matches Fashion offer easy at-home yoga sequences to help you get back on track. 


A positive way to start the day, yoga can help you feel energised and motivated despite being stuck in isolation. Nadia Narain’s morning flow yoga sequence offers a mood-lifting boost for both your body and your mind. Give it a go!


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If you’re struggling with productivity and feeling stressed while WFH, set aside three minutes for yoga you can easily practice from your desk. This simple sequence from Nadia Narain helps the mind to instantly recharge, as well as decreasing tension in the muscles. It’s a little pick-me-up to get you through the afternoon.



When your evening commute consists of traveling from your desk to the sofa, it can be more difficult to switch off and unwind. Nadia Narain’s evening session aims at stretching the body and soothing the mind, to help you can prepare for an evening of rest and relaxation, before a full eight hours of sleep.


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