New Hair, New You: The Professional Advice To Follow Before Booking Your January Appointment

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A new year brings with it a feeling of change, meaning there’s no better time to embrace a brand new look. Kicking things off, of course, with the hair

New year, new you. That’s how the saying goes, right? One surefire way to refresh your look is by switching up hairstyles and trying something new. It doesn’t have to be extreme — although it can be if you like — but an updated ‘do can make you feel like a brand-new person. Be it a new cut, colour or those long lusted-after bangs, we speak to the experts on how to undergo a 2023 hair makeover that you definitely won’t regret a few weeks down the line.

Colour Me Happy

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“We’re not all lucky enough to be born with the ideal hair colour for our skin tone, and even for those that are, our hair colour constantly changes from the use of hot tools, the sun and the environment,” top London hair stylist and founder of Soho’s Salon64 Ricky Walters tells MOJEH. “Often when looking in the mirror, people don’t know why they dislike their hair — they just feel it looks a bit dull and boring. This is a huge sign it’s time for a splash of colour.” Is that resonating with you? If so, it might be time to switch it up. After all, this year we saw celebrities left, right and centre — from Kendall Jenner to Hailey Bieber — swapping their trademark hair shades for something altogether different and naturally they’ve inspired millions of others to do the same. Whether you try a drastic new shade or simply want to warm up your current style, experimenting with your hair colour is a great way to reinvigorate your look. So what’s trending now? “In London’s Soho we’re still seeing a huge trend in stunning balayage, but more recently coppers and reds have been making a comeback for Autumn/Winter,” says Walters. In fact, it’s been said that spiced copper, as seen on Kendall Jenner, is set to be the biggest trend of the season. Think a burnt sienna red with terracotta and cinnamon tones thrown in, it’s a great shade to bring out eye colour, be that hazel brown or blue. Be sure to stay away from box dye, though, if you want to avoid disaster. “Using a colour kit tends to stain the hair for a long time and can be hard for a colourist to work on,” explains Ricky. “We don’t know exactly what goes into these home dyes but they make a hairdresser’s life very hard. The darker the colour, the harder it is to remove.”

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Ricky’s Top Colour Tips

1. Find some inspirational images by scrolling social media. Hair colour often goes wrong when clients and professionals don’t communicate well. Taking an image of your dream hair to the salon removes any risk and gives a clear vision to work towards.

2. Do your research and don’t pick a salon at random. Has a friend been there? What does their work look like online? Can you simply book a consultation with the hairdresser to see if you gel?

3. Wait. Trends go in and out of fashion very quickly, so before making a big decision, ask yourself if you’ve only wanted this new colour a day or a week, or has it been a while? If it’s the latter, go for it. Book now

The Big Bang Theory

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From the runway and beyond, fringes are back with a bang this season, and there’s no better way to shake up your beauty look going into 2023. Having framed the faces of style icons old and new — we’re talking Kate Moss, Jane Birkin and Alexa Chung, to name a few — they’re not just stylish but they have incredible anti-ageing properties too. “A fringe highlights your eyes and your cheekbones as well as covering unwanted forehead lines to make you look younger,” Carrie Fee, senior stylist at Pastels Salon Jumeirah, tells MOJEH. “They are great at softening facial features and helping to conceal an ageing forehead.” That being said, fringes are often shunned by older women for the fact they are considered too young or immature. Take no notice, though — bangs are always in style and can complement any face shape. “Provided you get the right guidance from your stylist in relation to age-appropriate fringes and choose one that flatters your face shape, why not?” asks Fee. “But steer away from heavy fringes and opt for something a little lighter that will soften features and show Mother Nature who is truly in charge of how we age.”

Currently taking the beauty world by storm, the ‘curtain bang’ is the most modern way to work a fringe. Simple to style and easy to grow out or shorten, they are considerably longer than a traditional fringe, starting just below the eye and worn swept to the side or parted in the middle. “They go especially well with a middle part,” adds Fee. “Take Dakota Johnson. She’s been sporting those beautiful drapes for quite some time. Curtain bangs are always shorter in the middle and get longer as the fringe moves away from your face, giving the perfect frame to accentuate all your facial features.” A nod to the 1970s, it’s the perfect choice if your fringe is now outgrown but you’re not sure if you want to go back to a high-maintenance style that needs regular trimming. As with all good hairstyles, perfecting a new season fringe doesn’t end when you leave the salon and maintenance is essential. “Depending on the fringe you’ve chosen, you’ll require a round brush and a blow dryer to give it that salon-worthy bounce,” explains Fee. “A good stylist will always give you a tutorial on how to blow dry your fringe at home.” Fringes are constantly exposed to facial moisturiser, sunscreen and oil from our hands, so dry shampoo will also be your new best friend. “Applying dry shampoo throughout the day will ensure you always have a fresh fringe without the constant washing and drying,” concludes Fee.

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Carrie’s Fuss-Free Fringe Tips

1. Before going for the chop, be sure to seek a professional opinion on what fringe will work best according to your haircare routine and lifestyle. Someone who enjoys doing a lot of sport, for example, may not want a full fringe as when you perspire they can get in your eyes and stick to your forehead.

2. While fringes can be low maintenance, regular trims will keep them looking their best so be prepared to get your fringe cut every three to four weeks to keep it looking fresh and stylish.

3. Consider adding colour. While your natural hair colour will always look good, adding a new hue can help fine hair appear thicker and add some texture. Be sure to avoid too much contrast, though. Book now

Chop Chop

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As a new year rings in, you might have considered some new year’s resolutions, but what about going for the chop? If there’s any time to freshen up your style it’s January, and while no one knows what 2023 has in store, it’s time to look like you’re winning — and manifest it while you’re at it. “A new hairstyle is the perfect way to give your appearance a boost going into the new year,” Maria Kama, stylist and founder of the Abu Dhabi-based Magio Hair tells MOJEH. “This season, trends are going one of two ways — some people are still keeping their long locks, while others are getting inspired by the ‘80s with more rounded looks and hair that falls closer to our faces.”

She is, of course, talking about the shag. Heavily layered or not, it’s easily maintained and works for any hair thickness. However, rather than one top cut, there’s a whole host gaining popularity right now, offering a fresh alternative to what we’ve got going on at the moment. There’s a current need to chop it all off which means classic square bobs and pixie cuts will be big — something Kama believes everyone should try at least once in their lives — while on the other hand, people are wanting to grow it all out. Either way, there’s no better time to take a risk.

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Maria’s Top Tips For A New ‘Do

1. We all love a new hairstyle, but going forward you can’t just wash and go and expect it to look like you’ve just stepped out of the salon. Ask your hairdresser for tips on the best way to style your new look.

2. If you’ve gone from long to short, it might take some time to get used to your new look. Try wearing big earrings or high neck collars that make you feel fuller around the neck until you get used to it.

3. It’s fine to go into the salon with a big idea in your head and then change your mind, so always trust your gut. If you are still unsure after your consultation, opt for a nice treatment and blow-dry instead, and revisit at a later date. Book now

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  • Words by Naomi Chadderton