12 New Beauty Commandments

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As we enter the new year, we refresh our beauty regime, bidding farewell to the old in replacement of all things new. From statement lashes in a plethora of hues and customised fragrances, to collagen-enriched beauty and philanthropic products, we break down the 12 new beauty commandments to swear by in 2018.

1. Curate The Perfect Base

Photographed by Elena Lukyanchuk at The Factory ME, styled by Sophie Pasztor

To create the perfect piece of art, one must start with a clean canvas. From Christopher Kane’s paredback beauty to Roksanda’s luminous skin, the only way to wear your base is with a fresh outlook. Opt for an airy foundation that provides second-skin coverage, which will protect you with added SPF.

2. Get Luscious Lashes


Our ongoing pursuit for the perfect lashes might come to a close with the discovery of SVS Lashes. This revolutionary lash phenomenon sets the standard for speed, volume and style. Superfine extensions are applied using an innovative SVS isolation lash technique. The procedure takes around 45 minutes (less than half the time of regular eyelash extensions), and leaves you with long thick lashes for around 6-8 weeks.

Available at Kozma & Kozma; kozmaandkozma.com

3. Do Good, Look Good

This holiday season on is the perfect time to get into the spirit of giving. Challenge yourself to be responsible and sustainable, and become inspired by companies such as Project Beauty whose ethos is to ‘Do Beautiful, Be Beautiful’. For every AED 100 you spend in Project Beauty’s The Wax Studio or T’sume (which is Japanese for ‘nails’), a reusable sanitary pad is donated to a woman in the impoverished areas of Kenya. Alternatively, Sana Jardin is the world’s first socially-conscious, luxury fragrance house. Its latest perfume, Tiger By Her Side, empowers female flower harvesters in Morocco, as part of a key initiative undertaken by founder Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed. After all, there’s nothing better than treating yourself while simultaneously supporting a good cause.

4. Say Yes To J-Beauty


Left to right: Kombu Eye Cream, SHIRO at shiro-shiro.uk | Aquadefense Protective Matcha Moisturiser SPF 40, H2O+ at h2oplus.com | Total Protective Cream SPF 20, SHISEIDO

Japanese beauty is giving Korean beauty a run for its money, and here’s why: The Japanese beauty scene is taking on a more minimalist philosophy. Focus is being directed at time-tested, all-natural, products such as adzuki and matcha, which (despite having been around for centuries) are revolutionising skincare. Preference is given to organic ingredients, which complements the Japanese woman’s longstanding interest in leading a holistic way of life. Matcha, for instance, contains catechins, a type of micronutrient, which acts as a powerful antioxidant and helps fight off free radicals in the skin, thus reducing signs of aging. Brands such as Shiseido, H20+ and Shiro all capitalise on Japanese ingredients that result in smoother, softer, more radiant, age-defying skin.

5. Detox Your Hair

Hard Water Treatment, Shampoo and Conditioner, MALIBU at -12 Salon

If you find your hair lacks movement or body, if your colour has a tendency to fade just a few weeks after a treatment, or if you find your highlights becoming brassy, hard water mineral build-up is most likely the culprit. A Malibu C Hair Detox pampering session is one of the newest treatments offered at Y-12 Salon in The Ritz Carlton, DIFC. This 100 per cent vegan miracle worker does wonders to breakdown mineral, product and environmental impurities from your hair and scalp. The region’s water can be especially harsh on your locks, so opt for the in-house treatment or the at-home solution to help breathe new life into your tresses.

6. Customise Your Scent

Clockwise from top left: Night Call, EX NIHILO | White Hawthorn and English Rose, BURBERRY | Citizen X, EX NIHILO | Wild Thistle, BURBERRY | Photographed by Elena Lukyanchuk at The Factory ME, styled by Sophie Pasztor

Fragrances have that nostalgic power to transport us to another place or time, guided by our olfactory memories. What is already a personalised experience has just become even more special with the rise of customised scents. “People want to feel unique, they want to express their personality; they want to enjoy the rarest materials and reject the overly mainstream or marketed products,” says Benoît Verdier, co-founder of Ex Nihilo. “In the Middle East, we’ve met some of the most refined customers in the world and scents are a huge part of their culture.” Ideal for women who want to feel unique and indulge in the finer things, services such as the one offered by Ex Nihilo in Bloomingdale’s, or from brands such as Burberry, allow women to tailor-make their scent with the guided expertise of a highly-trained perfumer. “People in this region are very curious and open-minded to new exclusive experiences,” explains Benoît. At Burberry, the Bespoke range comes in a luxurious assortment of seven unique fragrances inspired by artistry, the elements and the great British outdoors. Each scent is available in a choice of one, two or three concentrations, with the added capability to customise the bottle’s exterior to whatever you fancy. “I think the Middle Eastern customer may have a higher preference for Antique Oak, Tudor Rose and Amber Heath,” indicates Francis Kurdjian, Burberry perfumer. But regardless of your preference in notes, this service will change the way you select your perfume.

This bespoke service is available in Ex Nihilo’s concession at Bloomingdale’s in The Dubai Mall and at Burberry stores in Mall of the Emirates and The Dubai Mall

7. Boost your Collagen Intake

Clockwise from top: Advanced Ceramide Capsules, ELIZABETH ARDEN | Active Gold Collagen, GOLD COLLAGEN | Youth Supplement, BEAUTY WORKS WEST | Travel 15ml Liquid Sachets, SKINADE at Euromed Medical Centre | Photographed by Elena Lukyanchuk at The Factory ME, styled by Sophie Pasztor

One product topping many health trend lists for 2018 is ingestible collagen. “Collagen makes up most connective tissue, and over 90 per cent of young skin is made of collagen,” explains Dr. Sara Sibilla, head of research and development at Gold Collagen. But why a supplement over an injection? “The effect [of the injection] is localised to a particular area, usually in the face, and is not systemic, unlike when you take a collagen-based supplement that acts on the whole body and benefits your general well-being.” Other methods include collagen sprays, such as Carol Joy London’s, which is definitely worth considering, as the brand suggests that your skin’s collagen production declines at a rate of 1 per cent each year after the age of 30.

8. Have Regular Facials


Rebecca Treston, founder of Rebecca Treston Aesthetics at Euromed Clinic Dubai, recommends Fotona’s cosmetic laser devices as the go-to treatment to kick-start your new year skin routine. Tailor-made to each individual, the treatment offers the flexibility to customise ingredients to target specific areas of concern. “Depending on what skin concerns the patient has, we can also provide suitable post-treatment homecare products including Vitamin C for antioxidants and brightening, Vitamin E for anti-aging, or Hyaluronic acid for skin moisture, which will prolong the treatment’s results and ensure the skin looks its absolute best.”

Fotona 4D facelifts available at Rebecca Treston Aesthetics

9. Exfoliate!

Maintain the appearance of youthful skin with the new Philips VisaCare handheld device, which uses a dual action air lift and exfoliation system. Gently massage the face to remove dead skin cells and encourage circulation twice a week.

10. Take Your Vitamins

A new wave of good-for-you products have the beauty world buzzing, promising to improve everything from hair health to skin hydration, alongside providing an instant boost in energy. Wellness brands such as Vitamin Injections London are opting for more unlikely methods to provide your vitamin fix through products like their Vitamin B12 Patches. “Oral supplements only provide approximately 8-15 per cent of vitamins or active ingredients into the bloodstream, whereas Vitamin Injections London Skin Patches provide you with over 90 per cent of vitamins directly into the bloodstream,” explains Bianca Estelle, clinical director at Vitamin Injections London. Another method to try is The Elixir Clinic’s energy-boosting drip or, for a less invasive approach, invest in the latest orally ingestible products from brands such as Neat Nutrition.

11. Opt For Colour

Winged Beauties, photographed by Gaetan Caputo, MOJEH Issue 15

If the runways are anything to go by, one thing is for sure – colour is most definitely in. Brands such as YSL have championed colourful lashes with their Vinyl Couture Mascara in nine unique shades, ranging from emerald-green to vibrant-fuchsia. Other big-name brands supporting this trend include Dior and Chanel – the latter has unveiled its limited edition Le Volume De Chanel Mascara, and just in time for events season.

12. Pursue Plum

Clockwise from top: The Glamour Muse Eyeshadow Palette, CHARLOTTE TILBURY | Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu, NARS | La Petite Robe Noire Deliciously Shiny Nail Colour, GUERLAIN | Rouge Dior Double Rouge Matte Metal Colour & Couture Contour Lipstick 992 Poison Purple, DIOR | Photographed by Elena Lukyanchuk at The Factory ME, styled by Sophie Pasztor

From burgundy to magenta and mauve to plum, rich purple shades are taking over our beauty counters with a plethora of new products on offer. Whether it be a subtle dusting of powdered-pigment from Charlotte Tilbury’s The Glamour Muse Eyeshadow Palette or Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire Deliciously Shiny Nail Colour applied to the hands, a need for daring colour is high on our agenda.