Designer Watch: Anine Bing

Anine Bing, Danish model-turned-musician-turned-designer, has enjoyed a prosperous career since launching her namesake label five years ago. “The journey I’ve been on for the last five years has been incredible,” says Bing in an interview with MOJEH. “It’s been so much hard work but it’s really paid off. One of the biggest moments so far was the opening of our first store in Los Angeles. I remember being so proud of having a physical store where women could come and touch the products and experience the brand in a physical space.”

Already a well-known model and singer in Denmark and Sweden, Bing now boasts additional spaces in New York, Antwerp, Paris, London, Barcelona, Madrid and Berlin. Her label is also sold in more than 300 boutiques worldwide.

Bing wears lace sweatshirt and vintage wash jeans from Anine Bing Photographed
Bing wears lace sweatshirt and vintage wash jeans from Anine Bing. Photographed by William Callan

Inspired by a fusion of Scandinavian heritage and American spirit, Anine Bing offers luxurious wardrobe staples and statement pieces that are both current and timeless. “It’s a balance between a rock ‘n’ roll and a bohemian vibe; a mix of Scandinavian simplicity and American cool. I love to mix leather, silk and linen. Denim is also a very important part of our aesthetic.”

Pursuing a career in design was predestined for Bing. ““Fashion has been a part of my life, since I was 15-years-old and started modelling. I’ve seen most sides of the industry and it was such great experience in many ways. I’ve always dreamt about having my own clothing brand and in 2012 I decided to take a leap of faith and launch Anine Bing.”

Bing wears vintage Bing tee white jeans and Elly pumps in red suede from Anine
Bing wears vintage Bing tee, white jeans and Elly pumps in red suede from Anine Bing. Photographed by William Callan

None of which would have been possible, she reveals, without the support of her husband, with whom she shares two children. “He is the most hardworking man I have ever met,” she gushes. “He inspired me daily to become a better person and try harder.”

While Bing admits that her wedding ring is her most treasured position, her clothes and accessories have already attracted a strong celebrity following. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are among the starlets that have been snapped in Bing's wares. “I get so inspired by all the women who wear my clothes,” she tells MOJEH. “There’s nothing better than seeing women all over the world styling my designs so differently. I’m still hoping I’ll be able to see Kate Moss wearing one of my pieces one day. After all, she’s my generation’s biggest style icon in so many ways.”

Style Insider: Amal Clooney

Internationally celebrated human rights lawyer and mother-to-be Amal Clooney (née Alamuddin) celebrates her 39th birthday this month.

The Lebanese-British activist was born in Beirut, Lebanon, but raised in England where she studied at the prestigious Oxford University. She moved to New York City after her graduation to pursue, what would later become, a notable law career, which has involved her defending Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, in his fight against extradition.

Words by:
Annie Darling

The Best New Year's Eve Instagrams

As we settle into a new year, MOJEH takes a glance back to see how some of our favourite models saw out the last day of 2016. Surprisingly it was less about partying and more about rest and relaxation for the majority of the fashion set. From a super glam Iza Goulart in St. Barts to a bikini clad Lily Donaldson on private island Mustique we've rounded up some of the best New Year's Eve posts from Instagram.

Sofia Al Asfoor's Guide to Bahrain

Sofia Al Asfoor s Guide to Bahrain

Tell us a little bit about your life in Bahrain...

Where do you go to shop?
Saks Fifth Avenue is always a fantastic shopping destination, another great mall is Moda Mall where you can find a nice selection of fashion and jewellery.

Favourite restaurant to dine in?
Masso and Miraii which are both in Adliya. If you have the time and want a taste of our local home cooking, you must check out Basta located in Durrat Al Bahrain.

Favourite place to relax?
When I wasn't working I used to spend all my time at the Ritz Carlton hotel, they have such great facilities to use. A walk and sit by the beach would always refresh my mind.

Favourite place for beauty treatments?
If you want an all day spa escape, I have always enjoyed the Al Areen Palace Spa.

Favourite place to take a workout?
The Ritz Carlton Woman’s Spa, particularly if you like having the gym to yourself.

Favourite secret café?
The Ritz Gourment Lounge and Café Lilou.

Favourite Bahraini pastimes?
Spending the daytime enjoying water sport activities in Durrat Al Bahrain.

Favourite Bahraini art?
I am very proud of my good friend Perry Elashmawi, you can find her work on

Chanel and the CdMdiary

Caroline de Maigret has become a sartorial sensation due to her exceptionally cool and completely understated French style. The model turned producer, author and photographer gained notoriety for How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are, the best-selling book she co-authored with Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan and Sophie Mas. It’s little wonder then that Chanel has chosen de Maigret to collaborate with the brand on a dedicated lifestyle platform CdMdiary by Caroline de Maigret.

Designer Watch: Anniesa Hasibuan

Earlier this year, Anniesa Hasibuan made history during New York Fashion Week with a runway in which every model wore a silk hijab. Inspired by her hometown Jakarta, the Muslim fashion designer’s spring/summer 2017 collection D’Jakarta consisted of 48 different looks, of which 10 were evening gowns and 38 were ready-to-wear pieces.

A relative newcomer, the Indonesian designer has already been widely credited with bringing the hijab back into the mainstream. 


Hasibuan had already graced runways at London and Paris, but the spring/summer 2017 collection marked her first American catwalk.

Every model wore silk hijabs in ivory, peach and grey silk with billowing trousers and skirts in delicate lace and chiffon. Soft-hued peaches-and-cream shades were disturbed with the occasional metallic gold.

Hasibuan’s latest collection conforms to what has been referred to as the ‘modesty movement’, when mainstream designers are experimenting with more covered-up clothing. MOJEH looks forward to Hasibuan’s future designs.

Designer Watch: K/LLER Collection

Oxidised, rough-hewn metals are elegantly cast over skeletal organic materials. Fish jaws, arrowheads, horns, distressed leather and porcupine quills are meticulously sculpted into dramatic and rebellious shapes. Unapologetically gutsy, K/LLER Collection is both contemporary chic and subtly bohemian, fusing gritty biker-chick vibes with an effeminate twist.

Image courtesy of Jamie Beck for Ann Street Studio
Image courtesy of Jamie Beck for Ann Street Studio

Katie de Guzman and Michael Miller met in 2000 while studying furniture design in New York City. Guzman borrowed a cuff from Miller so she could hide a tattoo from her mother and they’ve been friends ever since.

In the years that followed, Miller honed her skills working in furniture, metal restoration and lighting, while Guzman worked as a designer for various jewellery connoisseurs including Alexis Bittar and Justin Giunta. Additionally, they collectively designed trinkets for several private clients before launching K/LLER Collection in 2010.

Image courtesy of Jake Rosenberg for The Coveteur
Image courtesy of Jake Rosenberg for The Coveteur

An audacious juxtaposition of hard with soft, dark with light, and feminine with masculine, the brand's jewellery is thoughtfully crafted in the duo's Midtown Manhattan studio. The majority of creations are cast in 100 per cent recycled metal and all animal materials are by-products from the farming industry.

In 2014, K/LLER Collection was the grand prize winner of the The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)/Lexus Eco-Fashion Challenge and jewellery is currently sold in Helmut Lang international flagship stores.

My Stylish Life: Lana El Sahely

Lana El Sahely, the creative force behind international fashion and lifestyle blog L’Armoire De Lana, is a prominent style influencer.  As a regular face on the global fashion week circuit, Lana’s effortless style, humble nature and business savvy mindset is showcased in her snapshot posts of exquisite discoveries.

As she gets ready to take over MOJEH's social media channels for Paris Fashion Week, we look back at her My Stylish Life shoot with us. 

My Stylish Life Lana El Sahely
Lana wears a full look by Fendi
Lana wears a full look by Fendi
Lana wears an emerald dress by Tara Jarmon
Lana wears an emerald dress by Tara Jarmon

Photography by Hareth Tayem

Shot on location at Vida, Downtown Dubai


Designer Watch: Alexandra Alvarez

While studying at Parsons School of Design, New York City, Alexandra Alvarez was frantically searching for the perfect top to pair with some trousers she had designed in her final year. After this search proved futile, she soon realised that there was an unlikely chasm in the market. Consequently, in 2014, her eponymous fashion label ALIX was born.

Alvarez focuses on crafting luxury basics that are versatile, as well as comfortable. Her neutral-hued, minimal bodysuits have quickly become fundamental wardrobe staples for various celebrities and influencers, including Kim Kardashian West, Kendall Jenner, Lady Gaga and Gigi Hadid. 

Both Kendall (Left) and Kylie (Right) Jenner have been photographed wearing ALIX. Images Courtesy of @AlixNYC

Fashion has always been Alvarez’s passion and she desperately wanted to study the subject during her undergraduate degree at Boston University, Massachusetts. It was here that she was first nicknamed Alix – in jest – because of the way she said her own name in her Cuban-Meets-Miami accent.

After much contemplation, she remained apprehensive about her career prospects so decided, instead, to pursue communications and marketing. Upon graduating, Alvarez worked for Lanvin and helped open their first U.S. store, where her adoration for the industry resurfaced.

Alvarez focuses on crafting luxury basics that are versatile as well as
Alvarez focuses on crafting luxury basics that are versatile, as well as comfortable.

Each ensemble is both polished and practical, utilising the universal principles of sportif sensibility. Materials vary from jersey to silk so that these bodysuits can seamlessly transform from a layering staple to an outfit’s focal point. Wear with a voluminous skirt or wide-legged trouser; a distressed denim jacket or casual Tee.

ALIX’s ingenious designs adapt to each woman’s perfect fit. Alvarez strives to make her clients feel confident in their own skin, as well as with their natural shape. Last year she launched a curve-flattering swimsuit line consisting of elegant one-pieces and vibrant bikinis. ALIX is truly the label for a woman who prioritises comfort alongside style.

Nadya Hasan Gives Us Shoe Envy

Following her acclaimed S/S16 debut, Nadya Hasan reveals her highly anticipated A/W16 shoe collection. Seasonal tones and luxurious fabrics in soft suede and indulgent satin make up her line. We speak exclusively with the gifted designer as she reveals three ways to wear her favourites from the line.

Nadya Hasan Gives Us Shoe Envy


Business attire can easily look dull, what are some key pieces you think can elevate workwear?

I think the two accessories that can elevate your work outfit would be killer shoes and a show-stopping bag. There’s only so much that you can do to dress up business attire if you are working in a very corporate environment so make your accessories count!

Can you share we us the best ways to transition your workwear for an after-hours soiree?

If you love to opt for a dress, I would say bring along a pair of strappy sandal heels, a clutch and add a belt to just shape it up.

What are your most comfortable shoes from your collection?

They are all comfortable and that’s what I planned on working around - comfort that is also very sexy. My two favourites from the collection are the Nawal and the Lina boots.


We see you jet-setting off to various locations, what tips can you give about packing clothes?

What don’t I have to share? I always have a fear of possibly having my luggage stolen or lost so I always over pack my carry-on bag. You will find at least four outfit changes, two pairs of shoes, two handbags (mini ones) and my makeup case.

Comfort and style don’t always go hand in hand, what are some items you would recommend wearing for long haul flights?

I always go for style! I rather dress up and look the part rather than look like I just woke up. I usually wear a dress on the flight. I feel more comfortable than wearing a pair of jeans and a top. Depending on where you are going, I would either wear ankle boots or trainers.

What would you say are your travel must-haves?

A socket extension (I have way too many electronic devices), chargers, a face mask, basic makeup and hair straighteners.

Can you give us some tips on protecting your shoes? 

Always store your shoes in their dust bags and place them between your clothes so that they don’t get deformed.


What are your top three heel trends for autumn?

The very sexy ankle boot, pointed heels and if you can bare the cold like I do strappy sandal heels.

What shoes from your collection would you recommend to transform a look from day to night?

There are quite a few. I would wear the Reem ankle boots from day to night, as well as the Victoria and the Sara.

Can you give us some styling tips for dressing up flats?

Flats are very tricky to dress up but can easily look very dressy with a stunning knee length dress or skirt.