Celebrating Emirati Women's Day With Budour Al Ali

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Celebrating Emirati Women s Day With Budour Al Ali

As the region celebrates its third Emirati Women's Day, a new exhibition by local artist Budour Al Ali titled 'She Rises' opens today at Sofitel Dubai Downtown. The exhibit consists of 12 exquisite artworks which illustrate the beauty and cultural heritage of the region. Al Ali's collection captures the strength of women in the Arab world with the intention of empowering and inspiring. "I couldn't think of a more memorable day than Emirati Women's Day to open my exhibition at Sofitel Dubai Downtown," notes Al Ali. "My work is a unique culmination of expressionism, realism and a dip into the abstract world. All of my pieces are inspired by the UAE, my home. I hope to empower and dignify the independent and hardworking women of the Arab and Muslim world, and encourage them to recognise the pride in being a woman." Opening today, the exhibit runs until December 15th.