Upcycled Fashion: CameLuxe by Max Mara



January 2020

Max Mara
Cameluxe by Max Mara

As we step into the new decade, Max Mara has introduced a sustainable solution for the future of fashion: an ultra-fine insulating technology which uses repurposed materials, named Cameluxe. 

Made in Italy, Cameluxe is a new frontier for mindful fashion — where discarded camel hair fabrics are upcyled from Max Mara clothing to create a new material. Limiting consumption, the new insulating pad is then used to produce fresh statement pieces which include outerwear and accessories. 


Parka in technical water-repellent fabric from The Cube Collection, MAX MARA

The latest innovative project from The Cube, the brand’s pioneering  project for forward-thinking contemporary apparel, Cameluxe is made through a process that is less impactful in terms of energy consumption, waste production, water usage and CO2 emissions, signaling a shift toward more eco-friendly fashion. 

The material is made in three steps; first, recovered materials are gathered and sorted from manufacturers in Italy; secondly, they are transformed through a mechanic process into very fine fibres. Lastly, the fibres are blended with recycled polyester, creating a high performing insulating mix, ready to be processed to create the pad.


The Cube SS20 collection features 11 styles that incorporate Cameluxe in their design; from a  water-repellent gilet in soft caramel to a plush padded parka coat in navy blue, each piece blends luxury style with sustainability. A huge step forward for fashion in 2o2o. 

Discover Cameluxe in Max Mara’s Mall of the Emirates and The Dubai Mall stores, or at World.maxmara.com

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