Must-Read: Marco Antonio x Rankin



November 2019

Marco Antonio x Rankin

Last week, guests gathered in London to celebrate the creative collaboration of photographer Rankin and make-up artist Marco Antonio in their new book, Marco Antonio x Rankin, which launches tomorrow.

The master behind the beauty in some of the world’s most striking cover shoots, Antonio was the make-up artist for MOJEH’s recent October and November issues.

Meanwhile, Rankin has a portfolio that ranges from portraiture to documentary, shooting iconic faces such as David Bowie, Kate Moss, Gigi Hadid and even Queen Elizabeth II.

Marco Antonio x Rankin

Although the pair have previously worked together on high-profile editorials and photoshoots, the publication marks a new venture for the renowned partnership.

Challenging society’s perception of beauty, the book is comprised of vivid imagery which combines the distinctive artistic vision of Rankin and Antonio to produce eye-catching captures.

Marco Antonio x Rankin

Blending Antonio’s pop colour palettes with Rankin’s signature sense of humour, the newly launched book showcases some of the boldest make-up and photography around today.

The title also features an engaging conversation between the creatives, which sits alongside the standout photographs. The duo discuss not only their careers together, but also where make-up and beauty align in today’s visual culture.

Marco Antonio x Rankin

A must-read and the perfect coffee table topper, Marco Antonio x Rankin is an inspirational keepsake made for fashion, beauty, art or photography aficionados.

Published by Rankin Photography, Marco Antonio x Rankin will launch in bookshops internationally on November 5. 

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