Palm Springs



April 2017

Palm Springs
The Bob and Dolores Hope estate built by John Lautner

Boasting some of America’s best modernist architecture, an urban music scene and awe-inspiring outdoor attractions, Palm Spring’s retro aesthetic is attracting a comfortable mix of people ranging from retirees to hipsters. This week we celebrate six of the many ways that Palm Springs is giving culture capitals like New York a run for its money.


One: Architecture

Revered Californian modernists such as John Lautner, who built the Elrod House in 1968 that featured Diamonds Are Forever (1971), and E. Stewart Williams who designed the Twin Palms residence in 1947 for Frank Sinatra, have built some of the best-known works in the city. The Fashion industry has also been inspired by the incredible architecture; Louis Vuitton’s 2016 cruse collection was housed at Lautner’s Bob and Dolores Hope Estate.

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