This Dubai-Based Exhibition Is Encouraging Us To Put Our Phone Downs

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Artwork by Audree Anid

Distracted by all the noise, we often forget to connect with the world around us

Emergeast, the first online art gallery for emerging Middle Eastern artists, is hosting a dynamic group exhibition in Dubai called Let’s Take a Moment, which is centred around living in the present and aims to encourage us all to take a break from our screens and fast paced lives to truly connect with our surroundings.

“We’re extremely excited to welcome a set of new artists to Emergeast. Much of our efforts go into searching for ground breaking artists who are shaping the evolving Middle Eastern art scene. We invite our collectors to take a moment to connect and immerse themselves in these artist’s stories,” explained Nikki Meftah, one half of the creative duo behind Emergeast exclusively to

Artwork by Arash Akbari Sene

From paintings to photography and digital collages, Let’s Take a Moment caters to a variety of tastes and visitors will be invited to learn about a new selection of artist’s journeys and their creative dialogues. From across the Middle East, this special exhibition includes a spectrum of captivating artworks daring viewers to get up close and personal in an immersive experience.

The exhibition, which is on now until December 4 at Molecule Restaurant in d3, includes works by Iranian artist Mehrdad Jafari, Bahraini photographer Mai Almoataz and award-winning Iranian photographer Arash Akbari Sene. All pieces will also be up for sale.

Artwork by Mehrdad Jaferi

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  • Words by Gracie Stewart
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