You Can Now Buy A 23.75-Karat Gold Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer



October 2018

Supersonic hairdryer
The gold leaf application

It might not be solid gold, but this new hairdryer is about as close as you’ll get

Dyson, the company best known for its vacuum cleaners, has launched a 23.75-karat gold-plated Supersonic hairdryer. Retailing for Dhs1,899, the new blue and gold device was designed by Sir James Dyson himself, and uses traditional hand-gilding methods to create the super luxurious finish.

“Gold is one of the most resilient materials in the world and has been used in design, sculpture and architecture for centuries. As an element, I’m fascinated by its properties,” said James Dyson. “Like the engineering process we pride ourselves on, gilding is a true example of meticulous craftsmanship.”

Dyson Supersonic hairdryer in 23.75 karat gold

Interestingly, Dyson decided not to make a big deal out of the release, instead they quietly published an exclusive video on their website and Instagram account, showing how the gold leaves are artfully applied to each hairdryer. In the video, master gilder Karen Haslewood is shown preparing the gold leaves from Florence, Italy and hand gilding them onto the back cover of the hairdryer, which has been purposefully painted red.

The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer in 23.75 karat gold is available now at the Dyson store in The Dubai Mall and online at from today (October 9, 2018).

Kendall Jenner and Jen Atkin are huge fans of this Dubai-based hair brand.

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