Introducing Stargazing: An Ethical Fine Jewellery Collection Made In Dubai

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A new collaboration with the Dubai-based Fyne Jewellery and digital influencers Reem and Natalya Kanj is making our considered jewellery choices easier than ever before

While ethical jewellery was once pegged as ‘having a moment’, today more and more consumers are looking to build a jewellery box with a conscience, and when Fyne landed on the scene back in 2019, it helped us do just that. The Middle East’s first contemporary fine jewellery brand created in Dubai using conflict-free lab grown diamonds, its founder and third generation Lebanese diamantaire, Aya Ahmad, has now teamed up to create a new collection with Lebanese entrepreneurs Reem and Natalya Kanj, paying tribute to the stars and the skies. A limited-edition collaboration of five unique celestial pieces – two rings, a necklace, body chain, and a pair of earrings that are consciously-crafted in Dubai with responsibly sourced 18K gold and the highest calibre lab grown diamonds – the collection was designed with the Kanj sisters’ minimalist aesthetic in mind. Each design is also made in small batches using a made to order approach which allows the brand to minimise waste whilst simultaneously allowing their artisans to take the time to craft pieces that embody the brand’s “buy now, wear forever” ethos.

Model wears jewellery from the stargazing collection

MOJEH speaks to Aya and the Kanj sisters in the wake of their new launch.

What inspired you to launch Stargazing?

AA: Stargazing was inspired by the idea that we could share our sustainable values with the world through beautiful wearable reminders that respect the planet, and its people. By collaborating with likeminded female Arab entrepreneurs, I also felt that it would be a great way to represent regional talent and business values.

R&N: We wanted to create specific pieces of jewellery for the longest time, and at the same time be in the realm of products that were earth conscious, so collaborating with Aya and her brand Fyne seemed like the perfect harmony.

How would you describe the collection?

AA: The collection is made for the minimalist at heart: It’s dreamy, delicate and earth-inspired with lab grown diamonds subtly glistening between light gold chains. Essentially, it’s made to feel as if you were “Stargazing.”

R&N: It’s like a second skin, think of the collection as pieces you forget you have on because they just become a part of your daily armour. We designed everything with subtlety in mind, using the lab grown diamonds as the focus point for each piece.

Rings from the stargazing jewellery collection

Do you have a favourite piece?

AA: I love the entire collection – it’s very true to all three of our styles and also incredibly easy to wear. If I had to choose, I’d say the Zenith Diamond Body Chain is the most exciting piece for me as it’s the first body chain to be designed under the Fyne brand name. It’s a very alluring piece, studded with 0.43 carats of lab grown diamonds wrapped in gold bezel settings.

Reem: My favourite pieces are between the Zenith Diamond Body Chain and the Equinox Diamond Earring, both such unique and fun pieces. I love how playful the body chain is and can’t wait to wear it all Summer long.

Natalya: My favourite piece is the Eclipse Diamond Chain Ring, I wear one on each finger and never take them off, they are a part of my uniform!

Model wears necklace, rings and earrings from the stargazing collection

Why is it so important to you to ensure all your pieces are sustainable and ethical?

AA: At its core, being ‘sustainable,’ comes from a place of empathy and mindfulness. Our planet is not able to provide us with infinite resources, but as a society we are living as if it can. I think it’s essential for a brand to do its research before creating its products: understanding where our raw materials are coming from or who is making our jewellery is not only essential for business success, but it’s also our responsibility to our customers. It’s important for us as business owners, and as tenants of the Earth to constantly strive to do better, so that we can ensure the overall wellbeing of future generations.

R&N: We make sure to always be fully aware of our consumption, whether it’s cutting out single use plastic, going vegan or more recently how we shop. Consumers deserve options that don’t come with a huge carbon footprint to our planet. What Fyne has done as a brand to make these steps towards being a sustainable, conflict free and ethical brand is admirable. If we are to put our name to any sort of product, it would absolutely be something that is kind to our planet and offers customers an opportunity to learn more about the importance of their choices whilst still maintaining luxurious, beautiful products. Shop now

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  • Words by Naomi Chadderton