SIHH 2018: Libre Beautifully Distorts The Cartier Codes

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Cartier’s new Libre collection is about playing with and distorting the conventional shapes of the house. Proportions are disrupted, shapes are blown up and volume is added through diamonds and stones. “Seeking to disrupt the Cartier repertoire, these are adventures in extravagance where precious materials and contrasting colours are breathtakingly feminine and minimalist in design,’ says the French Maison. Each piece is exceptionally curated and limited in number, the Baignoire Debordante for example (displayed first),  in white gold set with diamonds and black spinels with a quartz movement, is limited to just 50 pieces. It’s jewels spiral out surrounding the watch face in a peacock like manner – flamboyant and lavish. Where as the Crash, the masterpiece of 2016, is crumpled and crushed with Roman numerals stretched to the point of hallucination. View the five exceptional timepieces here.