MOJEH Interview: Natasha and Vik Jethwani

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Vik and Natasha Jethwani, the dynamic husband-and-wife duo behind Vik Jethwani Fine Jewellery, recently unveiled their latest collection at Harvey Nichols – Dubai. “I grew up not enjoying jewellery at all,” laughs Natasha, who conceptualises every collection. “But I ended up marrying into a jeweller’s family.” Vik laughs. “We put her to work,” he jokes, with lighthearted irony. The Star collection’s contemporary lines and vibrant colours make each piece as comfortable as it is striking. “We saw a huge niche in the market for jewellery that could be worn everyday,” explains Natasha. “That could be fashion-forward, that follows trends, that follows colours and that follows style.”

The Dubai-based boutique jewellery house specializes in bespoke fine jewellery, with each collection boasting an elegant and contemporary aesthetic. Diamonds, pearls and precious gemstones adorn each structure, with pieces crafted for both men and women. “Out designs are unique,” says Natasha, “and we would consider ourselves more of a boutique label. We’re not a mass market label at all,” she shakes her head. In fact, the couple reveals, much of their business comes from WhatsApp enquiries through friends of friends. “We’re for that discerning customer who wants something special, and we tend to become that person’s jewellery,” adds Natasha with pride.

But as the company becomes more popular, Vik admits that problems arise. “The bigger you get, the less contact you have with everybody,” he reveals. “That’s something that we’re going to have to face,” he pauses in thought. “When we do expand internationally, we will initially have to let go.” This is something that’s proving particularly hard for Natasha. “It’s hard for me let go,” she admits. “It really is, it’s been five years of my life now.” The pair grew up in Dubai, and Vik tells MOJEH about his family’s longstanding ties to the jewellery business. “I’m the third generation of jewellers. My grandfather started a jewellery business in Kobe, Japan, 50 years ago, and he was the third biggest exporter of pearls back then.” His grandfather’s business would work closely with the likes of Robert Wan and Mikimoto. “25 years ago he brought the business down here to Dubai, which my mother was handling, and we become one of the first pioneers here for cultured pearls.”

Meanwhile, Natasha honed her design skills in London where she got her degree in fashion marketing before returning to the UAE. Vik explains that for a jewellers, there are few places better situated than the Middle East. “Dubai being the hub that it is, it’s like a melting pot,” he explains. “Now, with the way Emirates is connecting the region to every single country in the world, it’s easy to travel. So when we were growing up here, it was like tunnel vision. Everyone had just that one taste. But now, especially with the demographic here and the type of people who are coming here now, the jewellery clientele is much younger. They’re much more educated, and they’re much trendier.”

Vik Jethwani Fine Jewellery is available at Harvey Nichols – Dubai