Middle East Masterpiece

Words by Annie Darling

2.5 min read

Noudar Jewels encapsulates extravagance, outré glamour, and heroine-ism. Each fine jewellery creation is characterised by its Arabic aesthetic, in addition to a dramatically dark romanticism that’s fascinatingly cool.

The brand’s founder and designer, Noor Al Fardan, embraces the contemporary, yet draws heavily upon her own sumptuous Middle Eastern roots, which indomitably feature in her intricate designs.

Artisans of Arab descent who work Western components into their designs are increasingly accentuating the constant evolution of style. “The name ‘Noudar’ derives from the ancient Arabic word for ‘gold’,” the Qatari jeweller explains to MOJEH, her cocoa-hued eyes gleaming and bee-stung lips stretching into a captivating, pearly-white smile. “Noudar Jewels explores Western and Middle Eastern fashion and, by doing so, gives classical elegance a modern perspective.”

The jewellery industry has, of course, long struggled to balance its creative freedom with ethnic sensitivities, yet Noudar Jewels utilises cultural references in ways that are, quite simply, breathtaking. Inspiration comes to Al Fardan in a haphazard flood of visual snippets, but her pieces predominately feature elements from the noble heritage of Islam. Omani patterning and henna templates are showcased in oxidised gold ring sets, stippled with dramatic ebony-black diamonds, while fine-spun fingerless gloves in recherché rose gold sparkle with 3.7 carats of frosted stones.

Earrings with white diamonds totalling 5.17 carats set in rose gold, NOUDAR

Earrings with white diamonds totalling 5.17 carats set in rose gold, NOUDAR

The mechanisms behind the art of watchmaking also inspire Al Fardan, who enjoys admiring the most ambitious and complicated of timepieces. “I have always been fascinated by watches,” she tells MOJEH of her longstanding interest, which developed after years of observing her entrepreneurial family excel as jewellery merchants and collectors. “Watchmaking has greatly influenced all of my jewellery and it has definitely emphasised the importance I place on each piece’s craftsmanship.” Al Fardan is true to her word; the exceptional architecture behind Noudar Jewels’ creations is meticulously thought out to enable the ultimate in comfort, movement and flexibility.

This careful composition is particularly evident in the brand’s signature finger-bracelets, which have become exceptionally popular amongst Hollywood’s A-listers. Natalie Dormer, Selena Gomez, Michelle Rodriguez and Nicole Scherzinger are just a few of the many celebrities that have been spotted wearing Noudar Jewels’ interlinked rings and bracelets. More recently, Taylor Swift wore the brand’s spectacular Leila Handpiece in black rhodium for her latest music video with Zayn Malik. “The reminiscence of mosaics and the elegant, yet edgy, ring adornments are meticulously crafted to wrap around the finger,” the designer says of her most notable design, which elegantly encompasses the hand and wreathes around the wrist to form what can only be described as elaborate body shrapnel.

For Al Fardan, dexterity is key to achieving the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. “Our artfully ornate pieces continue to push the boundaries of fine jewellery,” she explains, “through expressing the importance of craftsmanship, whereby modern design and comfort are equally as important.” Each amorous piece has a remarkable freedom of movement that acts as a tool to further empower the Noudar Jewels wearer. “My clients are women of dedication and strong individuals looking for fine jewellery that continues to advocate these elements while still complementing their feminine beauty,” insists Al Fardan. “We began our path to success after a one-off exclusive design for Lady Gaga,” she tells MOJEH. “The piece marked the release of her album, Born This Way, and the venture allowed me to express myself creatively while, at the same time, push the boundaries of fine jewellery making to produce a work of wearable art.”

In a market dominated by global brands, Noudar Jewels represents the crème de la crème of a burgeoning local jewellery industry that’s brimming with homegrown Qatari designers. Here in the Middle East, we enjoy a cultural melting pot that fuses the best of Eastern and Western style. Not only is Noudar Jewels contributing to the rise of gem sales in the region but, alongside other Middle Eastern jewellers, the brand is breaking new ground by putting Arabic-inspired designs back on the international map.