Jewellery Designer Nina Poot Opens Up About The Anna + Nina Woman And What Inspires Her

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Founded in 2012 in the Netherlands, Anna + Nina began as a jewellery agency before the popularity of their own in-house designs inspired its founders, Anna de Lanoy Meijer and Nina Poot to launch the jewellery label as a brand in its own right. Each of their collections has its own special character, whether it’s based on their fascination for Cabinets of Curiosities or the mysterious underwater world. spoke to Poot to find out how she would define the Anna + Nina woman and what inspires their collections.

How would you define the Anna + Nina’s design aesthetic?
Humans like pretty and shiny design; they desire it much more than functional one. This is what you see in our designs. Besides making essential jewellery we like to show beautiful, eclectic pieces with a touch of humour.

What inspired your latest collection?
Our “The Space Between” collection was inspired by the universe. Every piece has a touch of mystery just like space. There’s big statement earrings inspired by astronauts and ray gun charms.

Anna + Nina The Space Between collection

Who is the Anna + Nina woman?
We make pieces we would like to wear ourselves, so the Anna + Nina woman looks a bit like Anna and myself. We are into fashion but we are not trying to be trendy. We like beautiful fabrics and prints, but try not to take things too seriously. The Anna + Nina woman is not afraid to show a bit of humour in her clothing or jewellery and she loves to travel to get inspired.

Where do you look for design inspiration?
Travel, friends, festivals, magazines, and our city, Amsterdam.

Anna + Nina The Space Between collection

As a designer, how do you remain on-trend, while also producing pieces that are timeless?
You need to find the right balance in this. Of course, we prefer to only make on-trend pieces, however, sometimes a collection needs to grow on someone. That takes time. Timeless pieces are always easier to sell and therefore important for us and our turnover.

What can we expect from Anna + Nina over the coming months?
We are very proud to be launching our home 2019 collection within the month. It is inspired by the sun and the desert. There are lots of beautiful nude and terracotta colours. We have also extended our collection with scented candles, much more ceramic, notebooks and beautiful brass artworks.

Anna + Nina The Space Between collection

These peculiar but precious pieces are a jovial addition to your jewellery vault.