Bovet 1822 Introduces Its Amadeo Fleurier 39 ‘Fan’ Model

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Dozens of hours of work were required to produce Bovet 1822’s latest handcrafted timepiece, named Amadeo Fleurier 39. The maison’s talented painters recreate the precise details of an elaborate fan with absolute realism, using a brush ending in a single hair, by producing the painting entirely under a microscope.

For almost two centuries, Bovet 1822 has mastered decorative watchmaking, and continues to enthral collectors and art lovers with its exceptional passion, skill and breathtaking execution.

Working with mother-of-pearl, tortoiseshell, silk, paper, feathers, metals and coloured gemstones, artisans developed Amadeo Fleurier 39’s 39mm diametre case, which is available in both white and red gold, over seven painstaking years.

And for a maison with a history as deep-rooted and rich as Bovet 1822’s, it seems appropriate that the latest model depicts a colourful fan, not only because of its universal appeal, but also its long-standing existence and significance in the fashion industry.