High Contrast: Dior’s Fine Jewellery Captured by Greg Adamski

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Deck yourself in diamonds and delicate fine jewellery pieces, day and night. Photographed by Greg Adamski and styled by Natascha Hawke 


Caught in-between shadows and light, Dior’s fine jewellery pieces shine alongside classic watches and striking diamonds. Exuding with femininity and elegance, white and yellow gold collides, while hints of mother of pearl add a touch of refinement. Dior’s timepieces are delicately rendered with boldness — whether in striking red or adorned with diamonds — and the My Dior Cuff sparks a statement to wear under the spotlight or afterdark. Pair yours with a timeless black cocktail dress or a pared-back crisp white shirt, depending on the mood.

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  • Model: Magda at MMG
  • Hair and make-up: Nadine Elias