Focus On: Saudi Jewellery Designer Nosheen Bakhsh

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Founder of Sheen Jewelry, Nosheen Bakhsh

Known for fusing Middle Eastern inspiration with benevolence in her thought-provoking pieces, MOJEH meets Nosheen Bakhsh, the Dubai-based, Saudi designer of Sheen Fine Jewelry.

How did your label come to be?
Sheen was originally a branding project in university in 2009. We had to come up with a company name and business concept. I thought about my two passions and what I’d imagined my ‘perfect job’ to be: a combination of design (an outlet for my creativity) and humanity (doing something to giveback). That is exactly what the founding roots of Sheen are today. With every piece purchased, I donate to a selected cause. 

Cactus earrings, SHEEN FINE JEWELRY

What has inspired the Kenza collection?
Like all my narrative collections, the inspiration is always a place, region or culture. This one is especially close to my heart because its dedicated to female empowerment in the region and the advancement of gender equality, especially in Saudi Arabia. 

Which materials are at the core?
Kenza is designed in 18k gold and diamond, as are most of my collections. I did experiment with and introduce enameling this time and I love it because you can get really specific and creative with the colouring. This collection also features emeralds, which I haven’t used much of in the past. 


Would you say you have a signature?
I subconsciously design in organic shapes that are intricate and always aligned symmetrically. This collection, however, introduces more rigid geometric shapes because traditional jewellery from the Gulf uses a lot of squares and triangles. The end result was designs that incorporate both organic shapes – to stay true to my personal style – and geometric shapes to display the influence of heritage designs. In general, I tend to always put long-chained necklaces in every collection. I feel that they’re versatile and can go with both western and Arabian clothing more easily.

Triangle diamond ring, SHEEN FINE JEWELRY

Does your heritage inspire you?
Yes, definitely. My origin is Kashmiri, my nationality is Saudi. I feel that both of these play a strong influence in my identity. I would best describe myself as a ‘Third Culture Kid’ and perhaps that is why I am so fascinated with different cultures, their traditions and their arts and crafts. All my designs are either inspired by heritage pieces, the traditional arts and crafts of a place or the flora of the region.

What part of what you do fulfils you the most?
Firstly, seeing my vision coming to life. The feeling of seeing and holding a finished product is so satisfying! Secondly, the fact that we are changing lives, even at a small scale, with every purchase. It is so heartwarming to hear from the causes/organizations donated to, such as UNHCR, and seeing the impact of donations.

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