Five Minutes With Delfina Delettrez

2 min read

As we head into events season, how would you accessorise a red carpet look?

I would play with length and proportion when it comes to earrings – like an ear cuff on one side and a simpler, smaller earring on the other side.

What stone or material do you think best represents the holiday and events season?

Gold, especially yellow gold and white diamonds.

Which piece from your new collection is the most glamorous and why?

The Gold Vein ear cuff, because it really doesn’t fit everyone. It’s very cosmic.

What jewellery pieces from your new collection would you suggest to accessorise a day look?

The pearls. I’d wear a long pearl earring on one side and then a similar pearl earring of a shorter length on the other side.

There’s been a lot of unusual material pairings in the world of fine jewellery recently such as marble and diamonds. What are your favourite unconventional combinations?

I’ve paired iridescent beetles that look like precious stones with resin before.

Who is your accessory icon?

Elsa Schiaparelli

What attracts you to a jewellery piece?

It needs to be rare and have an appealing power. It also needs to be comfortable and feel like it’s meant to be on my body when I wear it.

Do you think about your accessories or clothing first when dressing for events?

It really depends, sometimes I almost want to dress as if my body is invisible and wear all black as if I was a jewellery display and just wear the most extravagant pieces of jewellery. Other times I’ll wear dresses that almost melt into the jewellery.

How much is too much jewellery in your opinion?

It’s never enough!

What have you learnt from your mother about festive/events season dressing?

My mother is really good at the surprise effect, even with the accessories she creates – such as bags that open in a certain way or ones that have unexpected vanity mirrors inside. Therefore, I’ll look to wear my accessories in an unexpected way like wearing a brooch on the back of my shoulder.

What are you plans for the Delfina Delettrez brand in 2017?

I have so many! I’m launching a new website, as well as an e-shop and I’m collaborating on an amazing movie. I’ll be presenting a new collection in February as well as working on my main, annual presentation which is in October. I’ll also be creating lots of unique pieces for my Marylebone Street boutique which is a part of my job that I love as it involves finding that perfect stone that doesn’t have to be replicated so you’re led by pure aesthetic. I also have a few other exciting projects that I can’t reveal!

Do you have any New Years resolutions?

I would say to reinvent time a little. I want to take back the luxury of being in control of how I spend my time.