Five Minutes With Fine Jewellery Designer Noor Fares

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Jewellery designer Noor Fares in her home studio

The Lebanese designer, 33, is known for her colourful, eclectic designs that take a spiritual approach to creating fine jewellery. Here, MOJEH discuss her latest collection, career highlights and what the future holds for Noor Fares.

What inspired the latest collection?
Padma, an extension of the Prana collection, is derived from the Sanskrit word “lotus”, often referred to as the “sacred flower”. Padma is one of the most ancient symbols of our planet – many of the chakra symbols draw on the lotus as a representation of purity and divine beauty. 

What materials did you work with?
I love designing with new materials. This experimentation part is very fulfilling. With this new collection I have experimented with the use of rosewood, muzo emerald, amaranth garnet, amethyst, ruby and abalone, amongst others. 

Bespoke Sahasrara Pendant, NOOR FARES

What are your favourite pieces in the Padma collection?
The Madhya carved earrings because of the carving’s intricacy, the reinterpretation of the Lotus’ petals, and the striking pavé. Then, I would say the bespoke Sahasrara pendant, which won a Couture Design award 2019 under the Coloured Gemstones below $20,000 category. Both pieces are hand-carved. 

How does this collection differ from the previous?
This new collection is in the same spirit of the previous one: Prana. This new but intertwining chapter includes bold geometric patterns, coloured stones and unique crystal pendants as well as one-of-a-kind pieces that are related to each of the seven chakras. 


What is your design process?
I always start the process by creating a moodboard in order to gather all my ideas that comes from travelling, exhibitions, books etc.

How many collections are you designing a year?
I design one collection per year with some collaborative projects and new colourways of some core pieces. Designing a whole new collection takes me a year, but it usually takes me three to four months to collect ideas, create moodboards and tech sheets. 

How has your aesthetic developed?
My aesthetic and designs have become more intricate and elaborate throughout the years, focusing more on craftsmanship and using more innovative techniques. 

Moon Quartz pendant with sapphires, NOOR FARES

What has been your career highlight to date?
So far, graduating from Central Saint Martins with a Masters in Design and winning the Couture Design award 2019. 

What does the future look like for Noor Fares?
In 10 years from now, I would love to have my first flagship store in London, and continue to design collections that inspire people. 

Visit to discover more of the Padma collection.