Everlasting Romance

2 min 57 sec

Fine jewellery house Chaumet’s illustrious and equally luxurious history dates back to the French Empress Joséphine who married Napoleon Bonaparte in 1796. Throughout the years, the royal jeweller has dedicated several designs to Joséphine’s daughter from a previous marriage, named Hortense, and has produced several designs that utilise her namesake flower.

The brand’s latest video is a stunning visual journey following a modern couple’s romance. We see the 21st Century Joséphine and Napoleon stroll the City of Love’s spectacular gardens, admire blossoms in a tropical greenhouse and visit the sparkling Garnier Opera. The Maison’s Joséphine Rondes de nuit creations, which include a dazzling tiara, are showcased alongside pieces from the Liens and Insolence collections.

  • Words by: Annie Darling
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