Emerald Jewellery for May Ladies

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The birthstone for May, emerald jewellery has long been adored for its mesmerising green hue

Universally known as a symbol of compassion and love, emerald jewellery has entranced mankind throughout history. The Aztecs and ancient Egyptians associated the gem with fertility, while Aristotle believed it would bring success in business to its wearer. Hollywood and its stars have long romanced the stone, ditching diamonds for pretty magnificent green stunners; JFK even proposed to Jackie O with an emerald ring. Symbolising beauty and eternal love, it comes as no surprise the effect the hypnotising gem has over people. And if it’s true that emerald jewellery makes others go green with envy, then these magnificent pieces will definitely spark some jealousy. From statement cuffs to waterfall earrings, scroll through for our favourites.

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