Weekend Wardrobes: Wispy Coats

Dmitri Ruwan

3 min read

It’s officially summer and while the fascination with Gucci’s patch worked denim jacket is still rife we’re looking for lighter options to keep us cool throughout the day. The art of selecting the right coat to help you achieve this look lies foremost in its design, even the thickest fabrics can be worn in warmer climes providing it’s structured in the right way. Today, on Weekend Wardrobes, we look to the right style of wispy coats to amplify our panache for the summer heat.

Simplistic Design.

Even though the actual construction of the piece may not be simple, the design exudes a sense of minimalism that automatically fits in with all your wardrobe staples. Look for an ankle length coat in simple linen and piped at the edges in a contrasting tone. Most importantly, make sure it’s not lined. Coats that take you from day to evening needn’t have lining, especially in summer.

Give Them A Show

Accessories shouldn’t take a backstage role, but should instead exude kitsch qualities that allude to both the disco era and the magic of nature. Look to delicately crafted low heels embroidered in ruby begonias or opt for pearl work for a more grounded look.

Sleeveless Styles

Certain coats that are manufactured with summer climes in mind artfully merge the structure of a robe with that of a evening coat, ensuring not only their seamless transition into eveningwear but guaranteeing them as daywear appropriate too. Look to sleeveless coats cut in silk, satin or a thin film of golden lame to exude opulence.