Weekend Wardrobes: Summer Suiting

Dmitri Ruwan

3 min read

Breezy yet structured, and professional but carefree; the summer suit is all about embracing the lifestyle of the modern woman. What sets it apart from the suits before it? Its tailoring is less constricting and its textile superiorly lighter, which ensures that you needn’t say goodbye to your penchant for power dressing this summer. Here are the key factors to know when trying this trend.

Less Is More.

As always, less is more and this applies ten fold to your styling when wearing a summer suit. Look to light colour tones that exude minimalist modernity by both day and night and ensure that the textile is an unlined silk linen or cotton. Pair with your favourite T-shirt or a lightweight top of the same hue. If you’re donning the look for a work meeting ensure your footwear is supremely slick –swap flats for Blahnik’s.


A suit is a true force of fashion and an all-encompassing statement of strength. Keep your accessory selection complementary and efficient; a statement necklace can be your only adornment while vintage gold chokers and corresponding rings would work well by night. For bags look to sleek shapes such as the new Dior Addict bag in smooth calfskin.

Work Appropriate.

Sometimes (and hopefully not too often) work meetings are inevitably scheduled for the weekend. Embrace the day with a summer suit that’s only prominent structure comes from a peaked shoulder; as most distinctively seen on Alexander McQueen’s blazers. This shoulder detail exudes both elegance and professionalism – a sense of control. As previously mentioned, a minimalist colour tone will also ensure that your suit will seamlessly transition from day to night and work for all hours in between.

Adam Lippes autumn/winter17 backstage

Adam Lippes autumn/winter17 backstage