Weekend Wardrobes: Rainbow Warriors

3 min read

Not one for the faint hearted, multi-hued fashion spikes a colourful shift from the subdued neutral uniform we have come accustomed to. Conjuring up cheerful emotions to help you seize the day, this kaleidoscope of colour serves as a welcome reminder that fashion is meant to be fun.

The Execution

The key to successfully executing this look is to ensure balance is maintained. A loud statement coat should be met with neutral accompaniments to maintain a polished outcome. Similarly, animated accessories such as a scarf can be used to brighten up wardrobe staples such as a tailored suit or a pair of worn-in denims.


The Shades

Give your look an artisanal edge with Mondrian-inspired patterns and graphic stripes. Look to incorporate vivid brights that will help boost your mood and try layering like-minded pieces for added pop.


Clashing Colour

For the more confident style crusader looking to achieve a bolder result, mix your multi-coloured pieces with other bold-hued separates for added punch. Drawing out similar colours in block shades will work to balance the overall aesthetic in a strategically daring manner.