Weekend Wardrobes: Power Of Pastels

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From sky-blues to sherbet-yellows and fairy floss-pinks to mint-greens, sorbet hues have taken over as one of fashion’s biggest frontrunners. This season, designers took the pastel pile-up to new heights, with a rainbow of shades parading down the runway. Victoria Beckham gave us a sea of lavender, with sleek head-to-toe looks, while Hermès chose to layer lemon.

This season, pastels are meant to be combined. Opt for colours that work against one another to make your look standout. Try mixing pistachio hues with powdered-pinks for a youthful mashup. Or triumph one solid colour and wear it for all it’s worth. Structured pieces will provide a highly sophisticated outcome, while voluminous silhouettes are better suited to a relaxed daytime setting.

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