Weekend Wardrobes: Opulent Burgundy

Dmitri Ruwan

0.5 min read

Burgundy has long been associated with opulence because the clothing of various royals has often incorporated the rich colour tone into everything from leg-of-mutton sleeves to billowing capes. In 2017 burgundy, much like other shades in the kaleidoscopic colour wheel, has embraced a new meaning, one that’s not just luxurious, but edgy and with an undeniable sense of allure. 

Dapper Jackets

For those of us that fancy the streamlined elegance of a jacket as opposed to dainty dresses, a structured jacket style is a must-have. The major difference here is its unique colour tone and textile. Burgundy silk or duchess satin evokes an incomparable sense of lavishness that sifts into any ensemble day or night. Pair yours with skinny denim or the militant appeal or a frayed edged pant. 


While the mention of colours such as burgundy or ruby instantly conjure visions of silk and satin, the shade also finds it way into simple yet stylish T-shirts. Find a softer faded version of the colour or try a DIY version with organic colour dyes. It’s the most effortlessly stylish piece to wear, especially when combined with a lightweight pinstripe suit. Perfect for work meetings or dates with the girls. 

The Satchel

It’s always a question of personal style but when selecting an accessory look for plush velvets or suedes that best accentuate the depth of this rich colour. Not only does it bring a sense of bohemian luxury to even the simplest outfit, its association with aristocracy can instantly elevate any look.