Weekend Wardrobes: Courting Corsets

Dmitri Ruwan

0.5 min read

Forget what you’ve heard about corsets. At least the new age ones. While the premise is the same there’s one vital difference; you aren’t obliged to cinch your waist to Edwardian proportions. This new corset style is a hybrid between the original’s former construction and a bustier in that it accentuates the area between the upper-bust and minimises the waist without constricting your movement. Today on weekend wardrobes we look at the best ways to wear the trend for the weekend.

Dream of Genie.

Much like the character in the Seventies TV hit, the contrast of a matte corset paired with bell sleeves in chiffon creates a magical allure. Pair your favourite gossamer Gucci top with a boned corset that has easy fastening at the back. Stay away from lacing details, the look should be simple and sculptural. Pair with your favourite denim for a night out or lunch with the girls.

Sleek Accessories.

While we’re fond of the exquisitely detailed flashy adornments of the new season It-bags, it’s important to keep it simple. Look to the lacquered polish of a Diorrama bag in a metallic champagne colour tone or opt for a demure Hermès purse.

Texture and Print.

The type of print you pair is a matter of personal choice. However, a gentle tartan print on a sarong-style skirt paired with the formality of pinstripe on a structured corset will make for exceptional evening attire. Layer your corset with light cotton Chloé shirts for warm summer days.