Weekend Wardrobes: Brave Fashion

Dmitri Ruwan

3 min read

If there was ever any doubt about fashion’s empowering capabilities the recent gush of frills, metallic and bedazzled eyewear doused in futuristic retroism have certainly convinced us otherwise. We’ve slowly but surely arrived at a moment in time when anything and everything goes and there couldn’t be a better moment than now to embrace the trends you would formerly shy away from. Today we’re looking to the three brave trends to try for the weekend to both embolden and empower you.

Statement Accessories

Worried about whether your Miu Miu sunglasses are too big? Try on Gucci’s rectangular-framed acetate sunglasses with pearls or Céline’s Lola shades in dark Havana and you will be astounded by the results. Can’t figure out what to wear when meeting friends for lunch? Throw on boyfriend jeans, a Rosetta Getty top and either one of these statement shades to personify high fashion.

Print and Embellishment

There’s something special about excess embellishment and prints that instantly elevate any outfit. The artistry of ‘over embellishment’ in fashion is only achieved by very few designers, so make an informed decision. A silk jacket embroidered in miniscule black crystals is more likely to complement the rest of your wardrobe than a multi-print jacket would. Look for block prints such as gold paisley or lilac thread work across damask jackets when heading out for dinner or late night rendezvous.

Velvet Suits

It might be summer but late night dinners and red carpet events are often the best place to present your unabashed fondness for slick suits. The one component that will up your look further is velvet. The textile appears in a variety of volumes and emboldens all ensembles with a sense of decadence; pair it with the right heels and you’re ready to take over the world.