Trend To Watch: Goth Sandals

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The word ‘goth’ brings to mind a series of visuals, each dark and more brooding than the next. However, far removed from that period in fashion is the new wave of goth inspired footwear that’s sweeping the runways. These shoes are grungy with attitude and minimalist by nature; an aesthetic with a fine balance that’s been successfully struck by designers such as Philipp Lim and Alexander Wang; the former showcased an electric shade of fuchsia on a slightly elevated platform, while the latter opted for a strict buckle detail at the ankle of a simple styled slipper. However, other designers and their interpretations don’t skim on the attitude either, Blugirl gave us a strong element of sportswear dotted with coloured eyelets on a flat sandal, meanwhile Chalayan elevated the platform and crafted it in jet-black leather. This trend comes at a time when the rules are limitless and women are embracing a more authentic approach to fashion. Our personal favourite? Boss Woman’s leather sandal with lace detail -it seems to work with everything!